Monday, May 6, 2013

Moscow: Novodevichy Necropolis--A List of Jewish Burials

The information is available on the following Russian language site:

Website author: Vladimir Lebedev, Lighter and Stanislav

The site includes burial information, headstone images, brief biographies of the interned (at the bottom of the images pages), both Jews and non-Jews.  This cemetery is thought to be a prestigious burial place. Some of the beautiful headstones are like works of art. 
Included here is only a partial list of the Jewish (or possibly Jewish) souls.

Old Novodevichy, site 4
Click on names for images of headstones. It includes:
Names                                  Dates                  Occupation                         Plot location

ROIZMAN Leonid Isaakovich            1916-1989            Musicologist                   39-1          
   Born in Kiev
   Buried with: ROIZMAN Isaac Grigoryevich            1875-1936
                      ROIZMAN Yekaterina Mikhaylovna    1879-1951 (wife of Isaac)

KAGANOVICH Julius Moiseevich    1892-1962            Party Leader                   59-12              
   Born in village of “Boars” Kiev
   Siblings: L.M. Kaganovicha (1913), M.M. Kaganovicha (1910)
   Buried with him:
                        KARLOV Aleksandr Vasilyevich            1912-1964 ophthalmolgist
                        KAGANOVICH Rebecca Mikhaylovna (nee Dubinskaya) 1895-1990
                                    (wife of Julius Kaganovich)
                        KAGANOVICH Rachel Yulyevna          1918-1994            surgeon
                                    (wife of A. Karlov)

LEVIN/LEWIN Zara Aleksandrovna 1906-1976            Composer/pianist            62-18           

RYBAKOV/RYBAK/FISHERMEN Yuri Sergeyevich  1931-2006 theater critic   63-36a
EPSTEIN David Abramovich             1898-1985            Chemist, teacher            47-7

GABBE Tamara Grigoryevna            1903-1960             Writer                             43-1            
  Buried with her:
GUREVICH Solomon Markovich 1883-1956

  (T. Gabbe’s mother; wife of S. Gurevich)

SAVIN Joseph Alekseyevich            1887-`957            Revolutionary                    7-6

SHUB Esther Illinichna                    1894-1959            Documentary Films          38-3
SCHEININ Leo/Lev Romanovich     1906-1967            Writer, Lawyer                35-3

SHTERN Lina Solomonovna            1878-1968            Physiologist                     36-3          
KOTLYAR Solomon Osipovich            1890-1967       The party, trade unionist           

GALKIN Samuel Zalmanovich            1887-1960         Poet                                   6-15

RAISER David Yakovlevych               1904-1962         Civil Engineer                 21-11         

KIKOIN Isaac Konstantinovich            1908-1984         Physicist                           2-17

LEVITAN Yuri Borisovich                  1914-1983          Radio Announcer             1-18                       

DRAGUNSKY David Abramovich            1910-1993    “Warlord” (military)
     Born in Svyatsk (Novozybkov), Bryansk
     Buried with him:
DRAGUNSKAYA Eugenia (nee Movilova), 1921-1996 philologist (his wife)