Thursday, June 20, 2013

1925-26 Yearbook: Greater Romania (Vol. 1): Bucharest Silversmiths

1925 YEARBOOK: GREATER ROMANIA (Vol. 1)—Bucharest (Silversmiths)

A short list of Jewish (or possibly Jewish)  silversmiths in Bucharest is available below:


Schindl L. & Fii.
Sonnenfeld Mauriciu
Susskind H.
Zahari Alex.


Jeletzky Eugen
Silbermann I. (repress.  silverware factory and warehouse in Pforzheim)

--stores and workshops

Bloch Fratii/Brothers
Blumberg E.
Hirsch Isaidor S.
Roller Fratti/Brothers
Rubinstein Fratti/Brothers