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1882 GALICIA AND LODOMERIA: Aid to the Poor; Foundations

The following information is based on data found in the 1882 Directory, "Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeri of the Grand Duchy of Krakow, published by C.K. Namiestnictwa.

Aid To The Poor

Dept. of the Poor in Bohorodczany---
Founded: June 1, 1870
Purpose: To support and nurture the sick and poor Jewish community.
President: Haas Feibjsch

Dept. to Support the Poor Artisans (in the Jewish Community)---
Founded: Sept. 22, 1878
President: Mendel Rosenberg

BRODACH (?)—Brodsky/Brodzkim District
“House of Sick Jews of Brodach”---
Founded Apr. 14, 1808 by Rabbi Joseph Nathanson, Bera Gochmala and Dr. Schorstein (?) [or Dr. Bera Gochmala Schorstein]
Purpose: To provide, free of charge, to the local Jewish poor patients, room, board and medical treatment.

KŁAŚNIE—Wieliczka/Wielickim District
Hospital for the Poor in Kłaśnie---
Founded in 1780 to maintain poor Jews

ZURAWNO (Zurawnie)—Zydaczowski District
Fund for the Poor in Zurawno---
Founded in 1862 by Salamona Hersza Silbera
Purpose: To support poor Jewish patients from Zurawnie.

Jewish Charitable Foundations

Majera Kallira Benefit Charity, Brodach ( Brodzkim/Brodsky District)—Natan Kallir

Pfeffera Charitable Foundation, Chorostkowie/Chorostkow—Husiatynski District
Founded in 1855 by Leizora Pfeffera

Fund for the Poor Jews of Krakow (Krakow District)---
Founded in 1866 by Jakoba Zygmunta Loewenstein

Teresy Abelles Foundation---
Founded in 1867 to support various Jewish fraternal  organizations

Maurycego (Maurice) Inlaendera Foundation---
Founded in 1867 for the support of the Jewish Hospital

Youtube Video: "Galicja i Lodomeria" (posted by mattikopa, Mar. 12, 2011). The video offers views of the area's borders, 1772-1914

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