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The following is information based on the 1885 Brody Annual Report: K.K. Real-Und Obergymnasiums. The individuals listed are those who were or may have been Jewish. The spelling of names is as found in the publication.

Herzel Leopold Dr.—High School teacher, taught Jewish religion
Stetkowicz Matheus—taught Latin, German

Blatt Gerson—taught Latin, German, Polish

An oral exam took place on July 13-17. The following is a list of those who were high school seniors. The roster includes name, birth place, age, and chosen profession:

Braun Israel—Brody, 20, law (graduated with distinction)
Fadenhecht, Baruch—Brzezany, 17, medicine
Graf Jacob—Lemberg, 17, medicine
Mayer Miecislaus---Lemberg, 18, medicine
Mieses Salomon—Brody, 18, medicine
Moscisker Berisch—Brody, 20, philosophy (graduated with distinction
Oransz Moses—Swidnica, 18, medicine
Weiss Hirsch—Brody, 20, law
Zimmermann Eugen—Podflijne (Podrinje??), 19, law
Hoffmann Abrahamowicz Ber (ext.)—Brody, 21, medicine

Total number of Jewish students: 203

School Support:

Abrahamowicz David (received scholarship), VIII class, Scholarship stipend giver—Wolf Lothringer—fl. 70 (amount)
Teichmann Boleslaus, IV class, Scholarship giver—Samuel Glowinski—fl. 157.50 and Zusammen—fl. 1017.50

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