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The following information is based on  the 1914-15, 1915-16 Tarnow National Mercantile School Report, published in 1916.

Teaching Staff, end of school year 1915-16
--Secondary Teachers:
Bleiweis Izak—taught Judaism

--Teachers Coming (?):

Rymar Leon, Ph.D professor, taught shorthand

Students  at War:

Kapelner Mojzesz—b. Oct. 30, 1896 in Pawezowie, pupil of class II, serving from Oct. 1915

Ostrowicz Israel—b.  Sept 16 1896 in Lower Ustrzyki/ Ustrzykach dolnych, pupil of class I, serving from May 1915, currently at the front with the rank of corporal

Grobtuch Jakob—b. Jan. 7, 1897 in Tarnow, pupil of class II, serving from May 1915 with the rank of corporal

Muller Israel—b. Oct. 22 1897 in Bochni, pupil of class II, serving  from Oct. 1915

Wachsmann Markus—b. Mar. 30, 1898 in Tarnow, pupil of  preparatory class , serving

Weil Rubin—b.  Sept. 22, 1896, pupil of class II, serving in army from May 15, 1915

 List of Names of Pupils and Students:
·                           *    indicates  awarded  degree with honors

            A.       Two Class School:

--Preparatory Class
Enker Leib
*Feld Juliusz, Finder Samuel
Gross Benjamin
Haber Jakob
Kostmann markus
Lehrhaupt Juliusz
Schubert Leon
Wojcik Zygmunt

--First Class
*Balsam Markus
Wrona Juliusz

B. The Complementary Guild School

--Second Class
Fertig Herman
Klapholz Esriel, Kurz Chaskiel
Langer chaim, Lauber Wilhelm
Pankiewicz Zygmunt
Siedlickier Abraham
Vogel Moritz
Weiss Chaim

           C.   One Year Girls Commercial Course
Biegeleisenowna Regina, Blasensteinowna Estera
Cebulczanka Zofia
Egermaier Augusta
Preisslerowna Marya

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