Monday, September 23, 2013


An article, "1941 Mogilev:How Jews Were Killed" by Leonid Plotkin provides a short list of Jews who  were murdered by the Nazi Sonderkommandos. The main objective was to kill "...Jews, Communists, saboteurs, assassins, agitators, terrorists...." On October 16, 1941 the following were liquidated: Stanislaw Bor, Toll Akhonin (former NKVD employees), Orlova Kadin (who refused to live in the ghetto or wear an identification badge). On October 18, 20, the following were murdered: Leo Waxman, Yefim Virkman, Jacob Sharai, Abram Baranishnikov, Solomon Katzman, Ber Katzman, Fania Leikin, Nahum Stanilov Alter and his wife.

The article, in Russian, can be read at