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1900 MELITOPOL Russian lanuage resource:

“Essay of Melitopol and County Geographically” Dzyakovich, Paul Kaetanovich (1900)

“Melitopol: Some possible Jewish names:

**Arabadji Samuel Isaacovich—merchant, member of the Orphan Court

Gimmelfarb/Himmelfarb Froim Vulfovich—retail grocery & hardware merchant, member of guild for surplus, public trustee Talmud Torah

Gubergrits S.—head of Public Talmud Torah

Dubrov David Yakovlevich—member of City Council, Sanitary Physician, board member of Society of Local Charity

Kamensky Abraham/Avraam Veniaminovich—merchant, director of the local Society of Mutual Credit

Kiskachi Yakov Abramovich—merchant, Comrade Director of the Municipal Public Bank

Klassen AJ/Klassen A. Ya—member of management Board of the Society of Local Charity

Klassen Yakov Yakovlevich—merchant (agricultural implements, iron foundry), member of the surplus for the guild, member of Board of Melitopol branch of Russian Society of Cruelty to Animals

Kogen/Cohen Vladimir Davidovich—member of the Society of Melitopol Mutual Assistance in the case of death, the Office of the Manager of the Azov-Don Commercial Bank, honorary citizen

Lapidus—doctor, public trustee of Talmud Torah

Levontin/Lewontin Aron Vulfovich—tradesman, accountant Local Mutual Credit Society

**Minash/Minas & Son—Trading house (sale of industrial goods)

Mindelson Hippolyte Moiseevich—pharmacist, member of the Board of Melitopol branch of the Russian Sociiety for Cruelty to Animals
Ridnik—trading house (manufacturing)

Zevin Yakov Borisovich--

**”Arabadji” & “Minas/Minash”—Were they Jewish?? These names were mentioned in a Russian language article, “A brief History of the Karaites” (an article about the Karaites in Melitopol)

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