Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1940 MOLDOVA: CHISINAU YEARBOOK: Various Businesses (#7)

I have not used diacritical/accent marks or letters specific to Romanian on these lists. Sorry, but first names were not available.

"Defenders" (Attorneys??):
Averbuh B., Averbuh S.
Drozin N.
Livovschi D.
Ripsman A.
Zingher I.

Commissioned Agents, Representatives:
Coberman A., Cogan M., Creinis A.
Feldesman E., Fiterman L., Fridman A.
Ghelman S., Gohman I. and Vaisman S., Grinberg B.
Lev E.
Nermirovschi A.
Rapoport Fr., Reznic N., Rozenberg I. and A.
Scolnic E. and Co., Sternberg I. 
Vainstein S., Vaisman M. and Bratianu P., Volfson H.

Alevi S., Aleivi A., Alterman H.
Bucspun S.
Katz I.

Berber I., Corelenstein R., Margulis M.

Acherman F.
Barinstein G.
Creimer G., Creimer B.
Faerman M., Faerman N., Feighel D., Frenk Ben., Frenk S.
Goltman S., Gorlovitcaia E. Gudel S.
Levit G., Levit and Spivac
Maiber J.
Rabinovici P. Reznic B., Rubel H.
Sabelman A., Svartman H. Timerman S.

Bruck N., Beighelman I., Chitis L., Cogan S., Gorengaut I., Roitman I.

Cerealistii (?? Flour products??)
Apel E., Averbuh I., Averbuh S.
Berenstein L., Bober M., Bronstein F.
Candel M., Chighelman I., Cleiman L., Cogan H., Creimer G.
Eidelstein B.
Fruchtman M.
Ghelman and Pavlovici, Grinberg S.
Litvac A.
Picman N.
Seinfeld G. Seinfeld S., Sudit I. Svalboim M.
Vaisman A., Vaisman H., Beidman D.
Zaidman Z.

Lime and Cement:
Averbuh S.
Balter A.
Chirlan G., Chirlan L., Cogan I.
Hait H.
Naftalin D.
Slezingher M., Snaider I., Soibelman H.
Trahtenberg P.
Vaht S., Vaserman H. Vainberg L., Velter I. Vertgheim M.
Zaiant S.

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