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 Regional Editorial Board, Ukraine’s Memory Book

The book “…included the names of innocent victims of the Great Patriotic War…that are not included in the first two volumes.”
Pirotsky Moiseevich ADB (??)—1910, Kiev. Political instructor. Died 8/41


 Kotelevsky area (for soldiers’ burials):

Aronov Yuri Solomon—Kiev, private, died of wounds 1941 buried Great Rublivka

Vinogradov Leonid—captain, killed 9/43, buried Bilisky

Levin Michael Abramovich—1910, died 8/1943, buried Bilisky

Komsomolsk area (for soldiers’ burials):

Sharikova Aron—private 41 Infantr Reg.  died of wounds in 102 medsanbati (??) 10/43, buried Komsomolsk

CITY OF KREMENCHUG—(fallen in battle, died of wounds, missing)

Bokman Nahum Naumovich—Kremenchug, private, died 5/44

Brodsky Paul I.—1902, private, died 8/41

Volpert Boris Solomonovic-- 1922, lieutenant, Panzer Regiment 8—burned in tank, 1943

Ginsburg Michael Gilevich—1905, died near Rostov-on-Don, 1943

Hreytsman Moses Zayvynovych—1903, private, disappeared 1/1944

Greenberg James B.—private, died 7/1942 at coastal defense batteries—Sebastopol, Crimea

Dashevsky Joseph G. (Hershkovych)—1895, private—hanged by Nazis in central square of Kiev, 1943
Dashevsky Solomon (Simon) Yosyfovych—1920, private-disappeared 1943
Deznayevsky Moses Leybovych—1917, died in battle on the outskirts of city of Dnepropetrovsk, 1941
Dobrovsky Mark Vulfovych—1923, drafted in Moscow, Lieutenant captain, died 1942, buried in City of Vyazma
Doshevsky (Dashevsky) Nahum Aronovych—1914, private, died 8/41

Epstein Isaac Abramovich—1907, disappeared in 1941
Zaleznyak Moses Froyimovych—1913, private, died 11/41
Kalyuzhny Michael Zelmanovich—1920, Sgt, died 1/44
Kirchner Michael G.—1899, private, died 3/44
Krivitsky Froyim Aronovych-Moses, 1897 drated Kremenchug RVK, People’s homeguardsman, died 1941, buried Kremenchug

Levin Nahum Mendelovych—1910, private, died 2/44
Nemchenko Isaac Abramovich, 1902, private, died 8/41
Oryansky Joseph David—1907, sgt. Died 1/44
Ostrovsky Yefim Y.—1915, mobilized in 1941, disappeared 12/43

Rabin Matthew Y.—1918, served in the NKVD troops, disappeared 1941
Rubin Solomon froyimovych—1906, private, disappeared 1942
Savchyk Isaac Avramovych—1902, private, died 12/43
Sandomierz Isaac (John) A.—1902 Art. Sgt.—died 1/1944, buried Chervonokostyantynivka, Petersburg dist. of Kirovograd region

Hynchuk Michael Davidovich—1913 killed in action defending Sevastopol in 1941, buried Sevastopol, Crimea

Shor Boris Savellevich—1919 Lieutenant, infantry divis. Died—1944, buried—Northern Transylvania

Barsky Gregory L. --Kyiv., Concentration camp was located in city of Kremenchug, fate unknown.

Eremenko Moses Z.—1916, Pervomaisk Luhansk region. Died 10/41, in captivity. Buried: Kremenchug

Margolin Alexander I.—1911, Kiev, Concentration camp in Kremenchug, fate unknown

Sotovy Semen Yakovlevich—1908, Makeevka Donetsk region. Died in captivity, 3/42. buried Kremenchug

Soloshets Simon David—1910, Lugansk region. Died in captivity. 2/42. Buried Kremenchug

Furman Daniel L.—Kiev. Concentration camp in Kremenchug, fate unknown.

Shnayderman Yankel Zusovych—1913. Private, orderly. 9/41 was missing on the outskirts of Kremenchug.

Shvartz Pavel Efimovich—1904, Volnyansky, Zaporizhia region. Drafted in 1941. Died of wounds 1/44, buried: mass graves, city of Kremenchug.

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