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According to information from “Komsomolskaya Pravda”,
62 Soviet border guards were killed by the SS in Heberthauzen, near Dachau concentration camp. Handcuffed to five pillars, the prisoners of war were used as target practice by the Gestapo. There were a couple of guards, who were possibly Jewish, among those murdered:

Moses IosifovichOkonsk/Okonsky--1914 Odessa. Political officer—photo
Bernadiner Michael L’vovich—1914
Shvorob Yakov Mikhaylovich—1901
Balandin  Yakov Andreyevich--1916

BABI YAR: List of Names From the "Committee Babi Yar"

‘”COMMITTEE ‘BABI YAR’: Public Committee to Commemorate the Victims of Babi Yar”

The alphabetical list (in Russian) was created using plaques, monuments, cemetery inscriptions, etc. It begins at:

Averbuh Yakov Abramovich—1887 Kyiv. Urodzh, Khmelnitsky reg., town of Novo. D-9/29/41

Berlin Shmerl Moshe Mrduhovych—1900 Kyiv. Denounced by a neighbor, arrested, sent to a camp, shot.

Gabovs Moshe—Kyiv. Buried alive in yard at his home.
Ginsburg Daniel-- Kyiv
Goldberg Joseph—Kyiv. Killed at Babi Yar

Zlotnik Isaac—1904-1905 Kyiv. Hairdresser

Krymer Leonid  Isaakovych—1926 Kyiv.  Executed in Cyril hospital

Levitin Mira Yakivna—killed with her granddaughter, Bertha

Marshak Joseph Aaronovitch—1901 Kyiv. Graduated fr. Odessa medical Institute; member of the militia for the defense of Kyiv.

Nudelman Boris—Kyiv military signaler officer. Captured in summer, 1941

Chudnovsky-Rusovska Bentsionivna Rebecca, 62, Kyiv. Housewife
Chudnovsky Mordko Srulovych, 63. Sold metal (?) products

Shapoval Morduhay Yankel-Wolfovitch—1878 Kyiv.
Family: Rachel Yuselianivna—1881 Housewife
                Morduhayivna Kavi—1915—disabled child.
Died Sept./Oct. Babi Yar

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STATE ARCHIVES OF GRODNO: List of Names from Archival Documents

STATE ARCHIVES OF GRODNO: List of Names from Archival Documents
(from the Jewish Heritage Society)

Fund 1029 - Commission of Inquiry and the establishment of the atrocities the Nazi invaders and record the damage caused by the Grodno region Grodno Documents on the History of the Jews: for 1943 - 1947, 1969, 1970.documents Language: Russian Abstract: The collection contains: information about the material damage caused by the German invaders and their assistants in the Grodno region, lists of citizens who died at the front, and the partisans murdered by the Nazis in the temporarily occupied territory of the region. Fund 1105 - Partisan Brigade and units operating in the territory Vasilishki, Radunskogo, Schuchinskiy Skidelsky and districts in 1941 - 1944 years. (Named after Lenin Komsomol them. VIChapaev they. Frunze them. Stalin, they. SMBudenny) Documents on the History of the Jews: for 1941 - 1944. Language documents: Russian Abstract: The collection contains: lists and lists of award guerrillas. Fund 1163 - Svislochskiy District Council of People's Deputies, Grodno region, etc. Svislach Documents on the History of the Jews: for the 1944 documents Language: Russian Abstract: The collection contains : The act of the Soviet commission on export Germans of the Jewish population of Svislochi in an unknown direction; lists tortured and executed Svislotch district residents.”

Glossary of Relevant Personal Names Found in Documents”:

Victor Alter
Bunimovich Tobias/Bunimowicz Tobiasz
Weissman Dora/Wajsman
Weissman Leon/Wajsman Leon
Vasser Gil Mayer/Wasser Chil Majer
Grunbaum Itsek Isaac/Icek Izaak
Butler Moyzhesh/Dworecki Mojzesz
Zysman David/Dawid
Levy Joseph/Lewi Jozef
Levin, Levin Aron/Lewin, Lewin Aron
Margolis Yudel/Judel
Reiss Anselm/Anzelm
Ruza Jozef/Ruzski Jozef
Stempel C. Faivel/Stempel Fejwel
Farbshteyn Shyya Gesell/Farbstejn Szja Hesel

Schwartz Saul/Szwarc Saul



For anyone interested in pursuing information regarding military hospitals, the there is a fond index at: . It includes the fonds for the Russian Red Cross, epidemic hospitals, evacuation hospitals, field mobile hospitals, field hospitals, etc. The information is in Russian; use an online translator, if necessary.

Some Examples:

15. 9. 689. Odessa hospital kasparovskogo community of Sisters of Mercy of the Russian Red Cross. F. 12726. 1917 1 storage units

15. 9. 685. third hospital Chisinau Gerbovetskoy community of Sisters of Mercy of the Russian Red Cross. F. 12719. 1914-1916,. 3 storage units

15. 9. 644. 12th All-Russian Kiev Hospital Regional Union. F. 13017. In 1915-1916. 3 storage units

15. 9. 7. third Irkutsk emergency field hospital. F. 14830. Of 1905-1906. 1 storage units

15. 9. 2. 48th Caucasian temporary military hospital. F. 15827. 1877-1878. 7 storage units

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Żydzi Polscy”


This Polish language site offers primarily pre-war photographs of Jews. Most of the photographs have the names of the individuals with many including additional details. You can use a translator if necessary.

The alphabetical slideshow is found at:,letter,A,filter,person.html


Group photographs of organization members identify those in the photograph. For example,  “Members of Hanoar Hacijoni-Jewish Scout Organization…Horodenka----now Ukraine. Zwi Reis, Nuska Wacher, Chaim Akselbrat, Kok L. Greif, Salk Kranz survived the occupation…Nunek Ziferblat, Emus Liebster, Betka Szuchner, Muniu Zauderer, Klara Siller, Nuska Wacher, Dvora Rosenrauch-ral, Mundek Koch, Meir (name unknown), (first name unknown) Rosenbaum, Nina Aurbach, Adela Emzig, Kok Lea Sucher (new Greif), Tuwja Korn, Dorcia Kami, Zwi Reis, Rosa Herman, adela Glover, Matilda Glover, Shmerl Herman, Sziomi Korn, Lips (?) Rat, Feivel Zurman, Zwi Zauderer, Ester Szauderer, Feigel (?), Esther Luft, Salk Rosenkranx, Klara Hartenstein, Lusia Szechter, Muniu Szechter, Chaim Akselbrat, Osio Friszking, (first name unknown) Katz.”,id,3487,letter,K,filter,person.html

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(from the Polish Center for Holocaust Research)

The  Polish database can be searched in English by using the “english” button (top right corner)>>
”find in database” query search---search boxes requesting name, streets, events, etc.

or search:
 an alphabetical list of names (

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Lodz Ghetto

An aerial view/map and a schematic of the Lodz Ghetto is available at:

Solovetsky Prison: Jewish Political Prisoners Killed


Solovki labor camp, located on the Solovetsky Islands, was a forced labor camp for political prisoners.
This is a Russian language site. There is additional information about each individual listed below. Please check the site, if interested.

Stage 1: Oct./Nov. 1937 --1111 people sent to Medvezhiegorsk and killed in the Sandormoh forest

Stage 2: 500 people killed (these were individuals of all faiths and nationalities)

Stage 3: 200 people killed in Solovki, Feb. 1938

Aydarov Alexandrow —b 1909 Orenburg
Vagengeym Nikolay Vladimirovich—b. 1884 Riga.
Vishniac Samuel (Paul) Davidovich—b. 1898 Lodz, Poland
Doltu Abram Mikhaylovich—b. 1894 Berdichev, Zhytomyr region.
Zhytomyr Semen Moiseich—b. 1906 Kharkov.
Zhukhovitski Maksim Vladimirovich—b. 1894 Lahozva Novogrudsky, Minsk province.
Zabara Michael Emmanuilovich—b. 1895 Tarascha.
Levy  Haimovich (Almonek Shimon aka Leo Koski Borukhovich)—b. 1896 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Lukashevker Leonid Davidovich—b 1882 Odessa
Mandrus Jozef Grigoryevich—b. 1890 Snovsk, Cherigov Province
Ravitch Vladimir Nikolaevich—b. 1897 Zheltoye Dnepropetrovsk region
Reyhshtadt Yakov Aleksandrovich—b. 1888 Voronezh
Haykin Zinovi Izrailevich—b. 1913 Dnepropetrovsk
Chernyak James Aleksandrovich—b. 1911 Warsaw, Poland
Stengel Matthew Zinovyevich—b. 1888 Tiflis

Jakubowicz Michael Samoylovich—b. 1890 Makhachkala

1884 Slaný: Czech Regions--Marriages (#2)

The information found below is based on information from parish registers, "Jewish Religious Communities"from the National Archives. This is only a very partial list of marriages.
Inv. 1862 (1883-1897)

p. 5


81/12. Leopold Fleischner (Abraham Flieschner, Marie Borejou) 31, 9/13/53, widowed
               Pauline Frankensheim (Abraham), 28, single
Banns: Aug./Sept. 1884 Neu Cere_oe, Cernovic
Witnesses: Michael Metzger (from Bnimenis???), Jakab Fried. Castrov

82/13. Joachim Puck (or Puk) (Leopold Polah & Franziska Paihmer or Paihner from Patzau), 25, single, 12/13/1858
               Anna Fischl (Salomon & Rosalia from Patzau), 21, 2/1/1864
BANNS: Sept./Oct. 1884 Patzau
Rabbi/Rabbinate: (?) Tabor
Witnesses: Leopold Pachner (or Paihner), Emanuel Polnauer. Patzau

83/14. Edmia__ Peschel ( or Peschek ) (Simon & Sarah Peschel from Cernovic), 32, 5/1/1852, single
              Lotti Kohn (Daniel Kohn & Anna Kohn, Schwarzberg  (or Schwarzbach), 22, 4/17/1862, single
  BANNS: Oct./Nov.  1884 Choustnik & Sobeslau          
Rabbi/Rabbinate: Tabor
Witnesses: Salomon Winternitz, Worna?? Wilna??
                      Wilhelm Arnsheim, Cernovic

84/15. Io_ j  Waldstein(Tomas & Karoline Waldstein, from Koselitz (?)), 29, 3/12/1856, single
              Franziska Herman (David & Rosalie Herman, from Pilgram/Pilqram (?), 19, 12/13/1866
BANNS: Feb./Mar. 1884, Deutschbrov, Pilgram
Rabbi/Rabbinate: Polna
Witnesses: T.K. Fleischel, Pilgram  
                  _____ Mantner, Neu Cere__oe

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1900-1901 Budapest Address Book: Industrialists, Merchants, Artisans

1900-1901 Budapest Address Book (Volume 12)


p. 1675/i. 1747

Carpenters (Acsok):
Bodnar Samu
Groben Laszlo, Grunfeld Armin
Kalman Jozse
Levay Istvan
Toth: Ferencz. Janos
Woldnszky Jozesf
Ziettenstern Jakab

Ritter Simon
Valdner David

Carpenters (Asztalosok): I am not sure why these are listed separately from the ones above—perhaps one group is made up of master carpenters???

Binder janos, Boda matyas, Bodnar Jozsefne
Deutsch Gyula, Diamant Ignacz, Dicker Jozsef
Effenberger Antal, Eichel Jakab,
Emmerling:  Ferencz. Rezso.,
Engel Laj., Esztergalyos Fer.
Fleshut Geza, Fornheim Gyula, Friebeisz Antal, Fuhrer Ferencz
Geiszler Gyula, Gergela Jozsef, Geyer gyorgy, Grossmann Janos, Glatz Karol
Hadl Mor, Halasy Gyula, Henschl antal, Himmer Ferencz, Hirsch Ferencz, Hornyak Imre,
Horvath: Jozsef. Lajos
Jankovics Imre. Mihaly.
Jung: Fulop. Peter.
Kamenar Antal, Kaulik Benedek, Kelemen Samuel, Kempf Lorincz, Kohn Ignacz, Krajl Mate, Kravalik Istvan
Laub Ferencz, Lenhard Ferencz
Macher Sandor, Maitz Janos, Mehes Miklos, Miszlovits Jozsef
Osztheimmer Peter
Peltencz Erno, Pencz Matyas, Platt Pal, Plum Mihaly, Polczer Ferencz, Potz Mihaly, Prokob Jakab
Rancz Mihaly, Reiber Janos, Rieb Adolf
Schlaffer Karoly, Schlesiger Mor, Schroder Karoly, Simon Janos, Sitz Istvan, Sommer Janos, Spivak Janos, Steiner Sandor, Stieber Gyula, Strausz Fulop, Szalay Istvan, Szeidl Ferencz,
Szeidovicz: Ferencz. Geza. Gyula.
Szlavik Bela
Teichman Vendel,
Toth: Ferencz. Istvan
Vass Istvan,
Veigl: Gyula. Janos
Veinper Gyula
Weisz Samuel 
Zettwitz Lajos, Zimmermann Mihaly

Tinker [Tinsmith (?)]:
Apperl Jozsef
Baumberger Karoly
Frankl Sandor, Fruhof Mor
Kadar Sandor
Mechlovics Adolf
Papanek Marton
Sugar, M Jozef, Schaffer Karoly, Schik Mor, Schlezinger Henrik
Zusz Samn

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published by the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

The publication “…contains analytical and reference materials…” about the “…Congress’ foreign policy initiatives,…activities of Jewish local and front organizations, descriptions of communities and their relations with other social, ethnic, and religious groups.” Contact information via phone numbers, e-mail addresses and postal addresses is available for Jewish organizations.

The information is available for Jewish organizations of Eurasia, Australia and New Zealand. A few of the locations are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Republik of Korea, Russian Federation, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, etc.

 The “Community Portraits” are descriptive and historic in nature.  The “Reference Books” for each locale contain the contact information, including charities, Holocaust Centers, Genealogical Societies, religious organizations, educational institutions, media, etc.


These URLs have lists of students, some of whom may have been Jewish. The lists are in German.

1895-96 RADAUTZ:




There are other student lists available for viewing on this site as well.

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1884 EGER (Hungary) GYMNASIUM (K.K. State School)

The information is based on a German language forum posting at:

Student Directory (end of second semester)—some students who may have been Jewish:

Class IA.
Bloch Otto, Buhl Joseph
Feigl Richard, Fischer Gustav
Fuchs Heinrich, Fuchs Wilhelm
Guttmann Max, Guttmann Richard
Habermann George, Hahn Eduard, Hersche Franz
Jakob Norbert, Jelinek Carl, Kantner Franz
Kreuzinger Joseph
Maier Adolf

Class IB.
Nachtmann Alois, Nemetz Wilhelm, Netsch Johann, Nussbaumer Franz, Nussbaumer Leo
Pokorny Ignaz
Reif Josef, Richter Vincenz, Russ Josef
Scharnagl Albert, Silbermann Adam, Steiniger Theodor
Taborsky Josef

Class II.
Adler Emil, Albrecht Josef, Arbesmann Josef
Beer Carl, Bloch Hugo
Fingerhut Rudolf, Fritsch Johann, Fuhrmann Anton
Gerzner Carl
Hofmann Heinrich, Hofmann Johann
Jahn Michael
Reichl Oskar
Sachs Moritz, Saloschin Leo, Sattler Heinrich, Schnabel adolf, Simon Josef, Steinbach Leopold

Class III.
Baumgarten Johann, Bauml Josef
Drchsler Hugo
Gruber Carl
Hirsch Philipp, Hofmann Josef
Kern Heinrich, Kohn Rudolf, Kunzmann Ernst, Kunzmann Josef
Lindner Johann, Lorenz Friedrich
Nussbaumer Wilhelm
Pilz Eugen
Scherbaum Josef, Singer Hermann, Stadler Josef
Wippermann Josef

Class V.
Abeles Arnold, Adler Hugo
Blch Ferdinand
Ehmann Georg
Klauber Siegmund, Kunz Robert
Melzer Jaroslav
Reichl Theodor
Sommer Lorenz, Steinmetzer Adolf
Wolf Adam

Class VI.
Abeles Carl
Bittner Franz
Frank Franz
Gumnitz Richard
Heisinger Franz, Hirsch Albert, Hofner Oskar
Leistner Richard, Low Georg, Louis Adolf

Auerbach Ignaz
Beck Josef, Bloch Siegmund

Bergmann Alois
Hederer Michael, Hersche Josef
Maier Carl

Schram MichaelWildfeuer Ignaz, Winter Johann

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1883-1884 Slaný: Czech Regions--Marriages (#1)

The information found below is based on information from parish registers, "Jewish Religious Communities"from the National Archives. This is only a very partial list of marriages.
Inv. 1862 (1883-1897)

BRIDEGROOM (first, last name), parents. Age, DOB, Status (single, widowed)

BRIDE (first, last name), parents, Age, Status

  Parents of the bride & groom are included, if available.

     “am”= ‘at the”—day, month, year
     “im”=”in the”—(location)



page 2


70/1.Wilhelm  _Ghiasny: (___ Solomon Ghiasmy from __ruc___, mother: Frommriska ___ Adler) , 31, 12/5/1851, single
   Anna Frankohnshom anis (?) Dvorist (?),: 23,____,
   Banns: November 1883, Cernovic
   Rabbi: ____blimah, Tabor, Nov. 16, 1883
   Witnesses: Carl Spitz, Braniov (?)
                        Elias Schwarz, Kamen

71/2. Tomas Guiharipia ( father, Wolf?, mother Marie Guiharipa? from Wol___): 58,  8/10?/1825, widowed
     Rosie Stern: 48, 10/13/1833, widowed,
Banns: December 1883, Neubistritz(Nova Bystrice)
Rabbi: _________________, Pragdas, Dec. 16, 1883
Witnesses: _________, & M. Lieblin, Neuhaus

Josef Mornhomov (?) (Isak & Marie Mauhmer from Neuhaus): 38, single
    Leojes Edime __omeh (Samuel __omeh m. Bramweis, Rosalia Freuenfeld), 28, single,
Banns: December, 1883, Prag

72/3. Adolf Vogel (Josef, Katherina Vogel from Petrovic), 29, 5/31/1854, single
     Katherina Glaser (Samuel, Johanna Glasser from B__islan), 25, 12/23/1858, single
Banns: March, 1884—Tuiap (?); April 1884—Tabor

Witnesses: Da____ Wurmfeld, Tuiap
                      Karl Groger Lirkov [Prag]

Other Marriages:

Page 3/
73/4.  Joachim Marswetz (____ & Anna Ullmann). 33. 5/24/1850
    Antonie Lowy (Josef Lowy, Johonna Leda___), 29, __/18/1854
Witnesses: Jakob Stern (fr. Rauemin) & Albert Ulmann (fr. Tuiap)

74/5. Michael Metzgar, 28, 4/28/1856
    Karoline Frankensheim (Abraham & __ammy Frankensheim fr. Cernovici bni Tabor) 24, 5/28/1860
Witnesses: Sammel Frankensheim
                      Sammuel Taub fr. Neuhaus

75/6. Heinrich Saxl (Goxihim Saxl & Fanny fr. Rimo(?)), 25, 11/11/1858, single
Barbara Platofsky (David & Maria Platofsky 
m. Dinhirov (?) bni Cernovic), 20 8/13/1863
Witnesses: Emanuel Peschery
                       Philipy Roubicir

76/7. Moses Puik (mother-Rosalie), 29, 1/24/1855, single
            Caroline Theimer (Sammel Theimer  & Elisabeth
Witnesses: Leopold Fleischer, Neuhaus
                      Karl Stern, _____
p. 4
Other Marriages:

77/8. Moritz Winternitz (father _____Woolna, mother____grb. (?) Hernescher), 32 4/16/1852, single
            Anna Kohn (Adolf Kohn & Mali—Markvaretz), 20, 11/13/1863, single
Witnesses: Moritz Dubsky, Kej (?)
                       Leopold Loschizer, Wradist

 78/9. Josef Schafranek (Salomon Schafranek, Anna Lustig (from Wradist?), 35, 3/10/1848, single
            Anna Dubsky (Herman Dubsky, ____________ Friedmann fr. Chlmenetz (?), 22 , 2/22/ 1862, single

Witnesses:  Moritz Dubsky, Kej (?)
                       Leopold Loschizer, Wradist

 79/10. Leopold Polan (Marcus & Frenrisha Polan Hochlhola (?)), 44, 8/10, 1840, single
               Amalia Schmerner or Schnesser (Markus Schnesser & Elisabeth Reimer (?)), 31, 8/8/1853, single—
Banns—Kamenitz July-August 1884
Witnesses: Joachim Epstein
                       B. Kimmermann, Kamenitz

80/11. Adolf Manil (Markus Manil & Marie Schaffa), 29, 3/21. 1855, single
               Anna Groger  (Jakob Groger & Aloisia im. Neuhaus), 23, 6/9/1861
Banns: July-August 1884 Wien, Neuhaus
Witnesses: Leopold Fleisher 
                 Markus Ornsheim, Neuhaus


The list of possible Jewish students is based on the publication, "School News: Teschen K.K. State Gymnasium"from 1895-96.

Division I. (Classes 1 & 2) Selected chapters from the first Book of Moses. Hebrew grammar: vowels, syllables, tone marks, nouns. Bible History: Samson to David. Liturgy.

Division II. (Classes 3 &4) Selected chapters from books 2 & 3 of Book of Moses. Hebrew grammar, Bible History: The last judge to King David. Liturgy.

Division III. (Classes 5 & 6) Selected chapters from book 4 of Book of Moses. Hebrew grammar: Nouns and Conjugation of verbs. Bible History: Returning from the Babylonian Exile to Herod. Liturgy.

Division IV. (Classes 7 & 8) Selected chapters from book 5 of Book of Moses. Hebrew Grammar: Parts of speech, Verbs. History: From the Gaonim to Ibn Gabirol. Introduction to Ethics by Maimonides. Liturgy.

p. 28/i. 29—p. 29/i.30

STUDENT DIRECTORY (possible Jewish students):
(*with distinction)

Class IA.—
Baiger Ernst, Frankel Oskar, Klebinder Salo., Lowenstein Ludwig, Muller Isidor, Piesch Erwin, Schick Julius, Tletschik Heinrich*, Weida Adolf

Class IB.—
Alt Arthur, Bilowitzky Leopold, Deutsch Oskar, Friedmann Ernst., Guttmann Josef, Karger Arthur, Kohn Felix*, Prief Leo, Schwarz Felix, Wechsberg Erwin*, Witrzens Max, Witrzens Victor

Class IIA.—
Farnik Adolf, Frisa Heinrich*, Hecht Josef, Kohn Walther

Class IIB—
Goldberger Oskar, Gutmann Rudolf, Pasterny Julius, Zebisch Hermann, Ziffer Leo, Handel Hermann, Schenk Karl

p. 29/i.30—p. 30/i. 31

Class IIIA.—
Bullawa Emanuel, Firla Johann, Glesinger Julius, Marmortstein Alexander, Mayer Ludwig, Pollak Rudolf*,

ClassI IIB—
Frankel Richard, Gabrisch Arthur, Lanzer Adolf, Lazarczyk Leo, Neumann Leo, Raimann Arthur

Class IV.
Beck Leo, Beranek Adolf, glauber Arthur, Grunfeld Siegfried, hasser Hohann, Herzka Jacob, Kleinberg Alfred, Kupermann Wilhelm, Mayer Karl, Pustelnik Felix, Silberstein Rudolf

Class V.—
Schmid Julius, Spitzer Josef

Class VI.—
Bilko Hohann, Dr__ler Max, Lochs Eugen, Pillerstorff leo, Schenk Franz

p. 30/i. 31

Class VII.—
Chlebowsky eugen,Drozd Josef, Fischgrund Emil, Flach Leo, Glesinger Robert, Kadiera Victor, Kleinberg Max*, Osterreicher Alfred, Stipanits Moriz

Class VIII.—
Fizia Bernhard, Galicz Johann, Hermann Richard, Kohn Moriz (from Teschne), Kohn Moriz (from Mistek), Lanzer Eugen, Spitzer Emil*

Preparatory Class—
Kohut Josef, Kohn Erich, Kukutsch Paul, Lowy JohannPolok Paul, Likora Paul, Stamberger Leopold, Hussar Leo

1917-1951 Czernowitz and Bukowina: Old Newsreels

Several old newsreels of Czernowitz (Chernivtsi) and Bukowina were published online by Edward Tur. They cover the period 1917-1951. They are on Picasa at:

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Below is a partial list of medical doctors from Lviv and Krakow which is based on the Polish publication, "1886 Kingdom of Galicia & Lodomeria/Duchy of Krakow".

p. 438--440/233---134

Arkel zygmunt
Bierer Rubin
Feigel Longin
Gusman Izak
Lindner Zygmunt
Machek Emanuel, Mahl Jakob, Mehrer Henryk
Rappaport Jozef, Reizes Dawid, Rieger Zygmunt, Rosenzweig Leon, Roth Jozef
Silberstein Leopold, Stark Julian
Weigel Jozef, Widman Oskar, Witz Herman

Blatteis Jakob, Blumenstock Leon, Braunstein Frydryk.
Drobner Jakob
Eichhorn Ferdynand
Jakubowski Leon Maciej, Jordan Henryk, Jurowicz Izydor
Kirschner Aron, Kohn maksymiljan, Kopff Leon, krongold Wilhelm
Lustgarten Ludwik
Madurowicz Maurycy, Majer Jozef, Marcisiewicz Feliks, Mendelsburg Henryk
Oettinger Jozef
Teichman Ludwik
Warschauer Jonatan

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The information included here is based on data from the  Hungarian language 1922-23 Budapest Housing Index.

p. 31/i.83

Zsigmond & Adel Brody Pest Jewish Community Children’s Home:
Director/Chief Doctor…Dr. Grosz Gyula
Head Doctor…Fischer Aladar
Assistants to the Head Doctor…Dr. Baron Sandor, Dr. Neubauer Adolf, Dr. Klar Mor
Interns…Doctors Groszmann Ferenccz, Honig Adolf, Mandl Andor, Goldmann Jeno, Foldes Zsim

Jewish Hospital:
Director/Chief Doctor…Dr. Benedict Henrik (teacher)
Grade (??) Head Doctor…Doctors Beerczeller Imre, Moha Mihaly, Alapy Henrik, Benedict Henrik
Assistants to Head Doctor…Doctors Szenes Zsigmond, Justus Jakab, Molnar Bela, Farago Zsigmond, Polatsek Elemer, Banyai Sandor & Richter Hugo

. 103/i.2779

Spice Trade:
Franchaim Henrik, Karl Matyas, Toth Janos; Kalman

Grunwald Jakab, Sandor Jozsef, Szalay Jozsef, Toth Andras, Tusch lajos, Uitz Jakab; Vilmos


Frankovits Jakab, Uitz Istvan

Mozes Erno

Engel Bernat, Guttmann Bela, Heiman Jozesfne (widow), Leszkovits Ignaczne (widow), Marmolstein Jakabne (widow), Weiszkirchen Janosne (widow)


Variety Stores:
Felstein Mark, Filip Samuelne, Fleischmann Zsigmond, Goldstein Bernat, Hendel Lajos, Horvitz Samu, Klein Elemer, Kling Geza, Leidgieb Sandorne, Marx Jeno, Molnar Samuelne, Pichler Ferencz, Preizler Ferenczne, Riech Gyorgy, Scheffer Istvanne (widow), Schwartz: Anna; Mor, Szeltner Ferenczne


Benyik Lajos, Elszeszer Ferencz, Endresz Erno, Filip: Istvan; Samuel; Sandor, Kadar Menyhertne, Molnar Gyula, Szaufnauer, Toth Andras, Uitz Antal, Vastag Jozsef, Versitz Matyas

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The information is from the Russian language calendar book, "All Ekaterinoslav 1913". The link that I had used to gather the information is broken, unfortunately:

I did, however make a partial list of Jews or possible Jews that I will share with you ( The list also had included street names).

Abramovich A.
 Abramovich  A.
Abramovich A
Abramovich  A
Abramovich V.
Mr. Abramovich ,
Abramovich SD,
Abramovich M.
Abramovich S.
Abrams/Abramov N.

Abramchuk R.,  
Abramson R.
Averbuh JuR'EVSKIJj . 51.
Avruch Troitsk .
Auerbach I.
Eisenberg H.
Aizenberg ,
Aizenberg ,
Eisenstadt , S.,
Ayngorn J.,
Anzhelson L
Anzhelson M.,
Asterman A.
Alter G.
Alter, R.
Balin E.
Balin F.
Balin A.
Balin H.
Baskin H.
Berman, P.
Birlin E.
Blayman M.
Bloch S.
Bloch B.
Bloch A.
Boruhman L.
Bragin M.
Bragin M.
Brener N.
Breyger I.
Brill J.
Brovin I.
Brody A.
Brodsky I.
Belkin PS

Belkin N.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The information is based on the Polish language publication, "1877 Kingdom of Galicia & Lodomeria w. Duchy of Krakow".

p. 456/246

Aderschblager Adolf
Bierer Rubin
Chilf Samuel
Gottlieb Herz, Gottlieb Juda Leon, Grabscheid Maksymiljan, Grunseid Maksymiljan (dentist)
Knopf Salamon, Kolischer Jakob, Kreibig Wincenty, Kubel Zacharjasz, Kruzer Lazarz
Lateiner Natan (dentist), Letz Samuel, Loewin Jozef
Spinner Mojzesz
Weiss Ignacy (dentist)

Lebrer Adolf (dentist)
Wolf Samuel

p. 471/248

Ardel Leopold—Sokal, Berenfeld Leon—Tyczyn, Bergmann Leon
Dwasz Bernard
Kisiel Daniel—Gorlice, Kelsobn Jozef—Kamionka,
Sigal Herman—Rohatyn
Thau Jozef—Podhajce
Weisberg Adolf—Drohbycz, Werner Jozef


For those of you who are searching in New York, there is a free e-book available: "List of Enrolled Voters: Borough of the Bronx ( it also contains information on Queens voters). It includes an alphabetical list names, addresses and party affiliations. I just found my great uncle on Hoe Ave., Bronx! The information is divided into electoral districts.
There is a search box, but if the name is a common one, such as my gr.grandfather's who was Morris Cohen, you will get the first name, last name, both names, and street name (ie. Morris Av.) if it is a person's name.
It is a Google Book at:

Books for other areas and years can be found at:

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1920-1921 Przemysl: School Report: Students (#2)

The following information is based on data from the 1920-21 Przemysl Report of the Directorate for Marji Konopnicka Girls' (private) High School.

p. 20/22

List of Students’ Names:

“Schoolgirls reasonably talented….”

a). Gotessman Helena, Honig Fanny, Nassenfeld Helena, Salzberg Ernestyna, Sinkower Roza, Turtelbaum Elzieta

a). Banow Salomea, Flachs Chaja, Frim Jozefa, Gartenberg Anna, Geller Ernestyna, Grudnick Zofia, Nathanson Runia, Rechesow recte Schulberg Eugenja, Wirth Rachela

p. 21-22/22-23

a). Goldstein Frymet, Silberberg Helena, Wahlow Roza

a). Batkow Marja, Kaner Elzbieta, Katz Emilja, Koziel Marja, , Nord Rozalja, Reich Bronislawa, Schwamm Paulina, Sternbach Berta

p. 22-23/23

a). Asto Syma, Dawid Klara Sala, Guttmann Rachela, Honig Regina, Krengl Flora, Krengl Flora Nagl Hinda, Schweber Helena, Silber Regina, Treiber Szenjdla

a). Dukiet Zofja, Folger Raca, Gans Rozalja, Hausmann Regina, Intrator Cypra, Oesterreich Klara, Rast Gabrjela, Ros Zofja, Tauber Stefanja, Unger Paulina

p. 23/25

a). Beuer Roza, Henner marja, Krell Zofja, Lenchter Klara, Margulies Nela, Nathanson Cecylja

a). Distler Ida Roza, Horn Etla, Krongold Franciszka, Lauterbach Izabela, Rosenblum Fryda, Schonblum Frima, Turnschein Teofila

A0. Binder Zofja, Grunfeld Klara Fryda, Hecht Celina, Henner Adela, Hirsch Antonina, Lampl Sala, Lisikiewicz Anna Jozefa, Rebhan Sala, Zeldowicz Chana

List of Students Names:

p. 20-21/22-23

a). Brodheim Franciszka, Brudner antonina, Engl Regina, Entenberzanka Chaja Roza, Feuer Roza, Gutowna Amalja, Gutowna Ida, Hofsass Malwina, Nornung Rozalia, Katz Eugenja, Kunzelmann Fryderyka,  Laub Bronislawa, Morgenroth Fryderyka, Reben Berta, Scheinbach Anna, Schonfeld Hermina, Segal Bronislawa, Silbermann Fryderyka, Sternberzanka Fryda, Warth Eleonora, Weinmann Sala, Wittmann Zuzanna

b). Malicka Helena, Miltau Fajga

a). Adolf recte Schmidl Sala, Halpern Hinde, Kampf Estera, Lang Zuzanna, Liebermann Regina, Mantl Franciszka, Nussbaum tyla, Rappaport Gitla, Reiter Emma, Sojfer recte Schreiber Rozalja, Weissmann Eugenja, Wolf Cypra

a). Adolf Golda, Altmann Elka, Enden Berta, Enten Pesia, Feuer Golda, Guttmann Perla, Hirschfeld Debora,  Kirschner Brucha, Kirschner gittla, Kurzweil Kreindla, Lichtbach Perla, Margulies Blanka, Penner Debora, Rosenmann Mania, Strudler Roza

a). Adolf Sara, Kleinberzanka Roza, Low Amalja, Meisels Mirla, Salzberzanka Zofja, Silber Sala, Silbermann Cecylja, Sternbach Matylda, Zeldowicz Chaja
b). Maler Maryla
c). Herbst Adolfina
d). Kalin Marja

p. 21-22/23-24

 a). Aleksandr Fradel, Babad Chaja Brannse, Barowna Regina,  Dornfeld Etla Perla, Ertag Chaja, Frischer, Ewa, Gromet Chana, Haring Chaja, Heller Chaja Sala, Hulles Eleonora, Knabelbard Nesia, Kreinig Fryda, Melamed Sara, Mandl Mindla, Menkes Julja, Penner Rachela, Rosenfeld Brandla, Schnur Eugenja, Schonfeld Karolina Otylja, Tanzer Roza, Taubenfeld Helena, Trau Felicja, Tuchmann Rechla, Weissberg Elzbieta, Zeldowicz Szejna Krejndel

a).  Brandstater Leontyna, Buxbaum Henryka, Bexbaum Melanja, Ettinger Izabela, Feldstein Adela, Gablowna Etla, Goldstein Rebeka, Herzanowna Elzbieta, Hirschfeld Sala, Kohn Roza, Druhowna Sala, landau Basia, laub Elzbieta, Malz Gusta, Mermelstein Salomea, Nassenfeld Berta, Rotterowna Estera, Rubenfeld Roza, Rudner Gustawa, Unger Chaja, Weinstock Klara
b). Eisler chana, Rubin Hermina, Salz Ludwika
c). Demowna natalja, Rechesowna Fajga
d). Taubenfeld Paulina

p 23/25

a). Halpern Ernestyna, Katz Szajndla, Kohn Serafina, Landau, Lea, Orbach Rachela, Rotterowna Julja, Zwanziger Reisla

a). Goldfarb Eugenja, Goldstein Cecylja, Jawetz Lina, Salesowna Estera, Salz Sala Cecylja, Weltscher Klara
d). Ehrenfeld Ernestyna Klara, Gutowna Bronislawa, Langsam Itta, Scheinbach Sala.


a). Baustein Anna, Hntterowna Paulina, Klein Lieba, Langsam Estera, maler Dora, Oesterreicher Amalja, Oesterreicher Fryda, Pillersdorf Debora Berta, Poppers Szarlota, Rabinowicz Ludwika, Rose Edyta, Rudner Sara, Salzberzanka Ciporah, Teitelbaum Sabina