Thursday, February 6, 2014



In a Russian language essay entitled, “Mogilev-Podolsk Ghetto”, the author describes the belated exodus of the local population, including Jews, from Mogilev-Podolsky, attempting to escape  the Germans and Romanians. In August 1941 the Romanian military created a Jewish ghetto. In addition to local Jews, it was filled with others from Romania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina (many from Dorokhoy). Infectious diseases, starvation, and death ensued. In the Fall, 1942 residents of the Pechersky concentration camp were moved to the Mogilev-Podolsky ghetto.

Some of the names noted in the article include:
From Dorokhoy Bukovina:
Madam Baratz (w. 14 y/o daughter)
Madam Shuts with a child
Madam Fejga Weissbach (w. 3 sons)
Raineri (w. 1 y/o child)

Fejga Leyznever (40 y/o),  Pechora Concentration camp (?-1944)
Malka Katz (w. 3 children)
Shaya Grempel (pre-war worked in a candy factory) & wife, Sonia  (w. children)
Baron family (w. 2 daughters—Nyusey [20 y/o] & Annushka)
Shula/Shulim Bernstein

From Mogilev:
Boris Wiseman (an electrician before the war)
Shula Bronstein
Volodya Klebaner
Dusya Yurkovetskaya
Khana Greyger

From Romania:

Brothers—Max & Izzy (Max remained in Russia, Isiah went to Romania & died there)