Thursday, March 20, 2014


From a Russian publication, "Migdal Times", #28 at:

Isaac RABINOVICH (first rabbi of Odessa), In 1809 was invited by community of Odessa. Buried in Odessa.

REUVEN of Zhitomir: Rabbi of Odessa in the 1820's. Taught in a new Jewish school which opened in 1826.

Shimon Aryeh SCHWABACHER (b. Oberdorf Germany, 1820) (photo avail.), official rabbi of Odessa in 1860. Graduated from the Univrsity of Tubingen in 1842. He had been a rabbi in Prague, Hamburg, Lemberg (Lviv). In 1888 he was forced to leave Odessa due to a new edict forbidding foreign nationals from being rabbis in Russia. He died in 1888.

Jonah Haimovich GURLYAND (b. 1843), attended St. Petersburg University, became Odessa rabbi in 1888, after Schwabacher was forced to leave.

Haim CZERNOWITZ--Rabbi of Odessa 1897-1911

David Shloymovich SLOUSHCH (b. 1852, Odessa; educated in yeshivas in Minsk & Voloshyn)

S. PENG--Rabbi of Odessa early 20th C.

Joseph Shlemovich DIMENT (b. 1874 in Birzula/Kotovsk Odessa region--1953, arrested on charges of counterrevolutionary acts and sentenced to 10 years in labor camps, then released. (prison photo)

T. GOIKHMAN--1938 arrested on charges of counterrevolutionary act and executed. Rehabilitated in 1989.

FRIEDMANS/FRIDMANS: Aaron FRIEDMAN (lived on "Book" Lane), Zusya FRIEDMAN (lived on Myasoedovskaya)--arrested and shot in 1938; brother of Shulim, a Berdichev rabbi who had been executed in 1937, Yankel FRIEDMAN--died in 1941 in battle of Smolensk (photo)