Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1941 BALTA GHETTO (#1)

“Remember and Tell” (Vol. 1), a memoir written by Iliya Naumovich Koshyn, a survivor of Ukraine’s Balta ghetto, discusses, “… his personal story and reveals other survivors’ recollections”. (, 9/27/2009)

Below, is a list of names mentioned in the book. The list was kindly shared with me by a reader, Arnold Chamove. The names appear as written on Arnold’s list.

Adelman Hinka
Adelman Shlioma Geynihovich
Basin Berko-Echl
Gnyp Leviy pg.22
Kogan Michael
Rosenblat Moisey Gershovich pg.28 ( gravestone photo)
Rotshtein Fedor Aronovich pg.25
Shapiro Bentsion Yaakov pg. 26
Sheynkin pg. 27 (story)
Shtein A.
Tulchinskiy Gersh
Yeguda Even-Shmuel (Kofman)