Friday, October 17, 2014



I had blogged about this Russian language military site a few years ago on one of the Jewishgen SIGs. It is such an important research tool that I thought that it bears repeating here. It includes a summary of information for the individual and copies of original documents (in Russian).

According to the description, “The main objective of the project-to enable millions of people to determine the fate or find information about their dead or missing relatives, to determine the place of burial.”


1. Translate surname (also first, patronymic, if known) to Russian. (Google translate is good, if you are not literate in Russian)
—Write in your language in left box (after selecting the appropriate language tab)>> 
-- Choose "Russian" for right box>> 
-- Click translate>> 
--Highlight & copy the name as written in Russian.
EX. LURIA >>>> Лурия

2.  Use an online translator, if needed, to read the page. 
--Fill in Surname (at least) in grey section- top row, left box--- be sure to use the name in RUSSIAN. 
(Using the highlighted/copied name, "paste" it into the surname box)

--the middle box is for the first name; last box is for the patronym--you can search with only the last name if necessary.

(it also asks for year of birth, rank, but you can search w/o these.)

3. click>>>> search  (3rd box in second row)

This is what came up for Luria (using Google's online translation):

Source Name
Date of birth
Date of death
Place of birth

eport on losses
Luria Ustenty
__.__. 1913
Bashkir ASSR, p. Malomed
eport on losses
Luria Anatoly Savel'evich
__.__. 1898
ists of names of burials
Luria Anatoly Savel'evich
__.__. 1898

ists of names of burials
Luria Anatoly Savel'evich
__.__. 1898

4. Click on name desired. (It will be in Russian unless you use a page translator).

5. Click on desired name>>>>”Information from the reports….” page. 

6. This page gives:

 ---DOB, POB, Date & place of recruitment, Last place of service, Military rank, Reason for death, Source name, Fond source, Inventory #, Case #. (You can't see all of it in the above example because it was too wide to fit on the page.)

---A copy or copies of the original document (s)