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In addition to an extensive list, there is correspondence from the NCJW and Jewish Family Services in the file. The file also includes a copy of a “Statistical Card: Services to Immigrants” form, (Names, Birth dates, Residence, Languages spoken, Arrival information, Financial information, Synagogue participation, Jewish education, Jewish education, Affiliation with a Jewish community center, etc.)

The lists of individuals are about   half of the way down as you scroll through the information:

1982 Individuals Awaiting Appointments for Change of Status (Permanent Residents) includes name & alien #.

1981 A letter which includes a list of Russian Refugees-Parolees, waiting for interviews with the Dept. of Justice Immigration & Naturalization Service in order to to change their status. (includes names, alien card #,  date of arrival, address)

1981 Two lists: one covers those who were waiting for interviews for change of status, & a second list are those who are waiting for appointments for change of status.

1978 Handwritten list of names (3 pages. It indicates 43 families; 111 persons)

Folder 9—
1981 “List of people eligible for green cards & citizenship”-names, addresses, some include German documentation information, date of change of status,  date of citizenship application

1976-1977- Lists

Handwritten List (on a notepad)

“Alien Address Report Program” pamphlet

1/1/1978 List of names

6/20/1977 List of names

11/1/19** List of names (1976?)

4/19/1976 List of names

7/19/1976 Names with additional notations & information

11/1975 Names & eligibility

1/10/74-1/29/76 List of names & arrival dates

Form which includes name, Arrival date, Family composition & Ages, Housing, Phone, Average cost for monthly rent/heating, Employment, Phone, Date of start of employment, earnings, Medical, Legal status

Illegible list of names

“1975 Cards”-Handwritten—names, some other information

4/22/1974—Names and eligibility

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Click on the name of interest to you, below. You will see correspondence, Affidavits of Arrival, notes, etc.:

Series 2: Case Files

o   Acher family see Asher family
o   Bader, A.
o   Basarsky, Mary see Israel, Mary
o   Berg, L.
o   Bischitz, Willy and Edda see Bishop,William and Edda
o   Bode, Erna
o   Chrzanowski see Shanofsky, Karl
o   Cohen, Max
o   Ezras, Lea see Bartfield, Mrs. Isaac
o   Gewanter
o   Gold, Eli
o   Goldberger, Suzanne see Gilbert, Suzanne
o   Goldschmidt, Emma see Klein, Flora
o   Gordon, Ida see Lederman family
o   Greenblatt, Wolf and Berta see Grinblat, Wolf and Berta
o   Hamburger, Tanja see Mendel, Margarethe
o   Herman, Frieda (Weissman)
o   Hershfield, Vered
o   Hot, Lejba
o   Irany, Mr.
o   Jakubowicz
o   Kamenova, Milada see Bornstein, Jakob
o   Katz, Rose
o   Katcher, Esther see Carbin, Maurice
o   Krock, Sara see Lederman family
o   Kulin, Ida
o   Kun, Peter
o   Lakin, Tom
o   Littman, Dora see Goodman, Morris and Fannie
o   Low, Olga
o   Melloul, Maurice and Marie see Babigian, Charles
o   Mess, Sara
o   Mutlu family, see Aronof family
o   Novogrodski, Flora see Isenberg, Blema
o   Olesinski, Eva see Schindler, Alexander
o   Oser, Rosalie Esther see Israel, Harold (Mrs.)
o   Ozer, Max
o   Prenovitz, Pinchas and Jennie see Lemowitz, Max and Rebecca
o   Rittmeister, Ulla see Birnhart, Jakob
o   Rome, Ruth
o   *Rosenfield, Esther
o   Sacks, Ida
o   Savat, Tillie see Lederman Family
o   Sher, Anna
o   *Stern, Philip
o   Strozyk, Christina see Engel, Jerzy and Felicia
o   Strozyk, Martha see Engel, Jerzy and Felicia


7/28/1947 Dept. of Public Welfare—Old Age Division, Worcester MA
Mary Abromovitz—b. 1877, Radzak Lithuania

Application for Certificate of Arrival & Preliminary Form for Declaration of Intention:
Ester Ackerman—arrival in Boston MA , June 24, 1949; b. 6/16/1919 in Kurov Poland; Parents: Jakob  *uski, Chaja Schaposchnik; Foreign residence: Landsberg Germany arrival on D.P. ship; Uncle: Maurice Hoffman; Husband: Himer Ackerman, Daughter: Rita (3 ½)—b. Lodz, Poland; Occupation: Architect

Himer Ackerman—arrival in Boston MA,  6/24/1949 on ship, General M__ (Meir?); b.  1/8/1913 Warsaw Poland; Parents: Jankiel, Rajala Rotryng; last foreign residence: Landsberg Germany; Occupation; Electrician
Married: 5/2/1939 in Warsaw Poland

Application to Extend time of Temporary Stay: Herbert Orbach

Application for Certificate of Arrival & Preliminary Form for Declaration of Intention:
Ronna Ajzykiewicz—b. Szczekociny Poland 9/9/1917; Parents: Moishe Weintraub, Rivka Hellner; Husband: Josef (Parents: Moishe, Chaja Ch**anawska)

Application To File Petition For Naturalization
Angeliki Alcee (nee Lea Costari)—Husband: Aldon M Alcee; Married: 1/12/1942, Alexandria Egypt (he was born at Khartoum, Sudan, 1/1/1908); Child: son, Cyrille Albert Gaspart Alcee, born in Alexandria, Egypt; b. 3/10/1945.)
Request for name change to Angela Alcee.
Parents: Evangelus Costari (father), Despina Kipridakis (mother).
Came to US from the port of Brussels, Belgium.

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