Saturday, January 3, 2015

GAOO Archives (Odessa): Committees

Odessa Branch of the Committee of the Society to Spread Education Among Jews in Russia
f. 442, op. 1, 7, II.64-64ob.

December 18, 1900

1. Historical & Literary Commission:
Chairman: M.G. Morgulis
Members: S.M. Abramovich, Ul. Ginzber, G.I. Gimmelfarb, S.M. Dubnov, Ya.L. Saker

2. Commission for delivering to needy students: free textbooks, teachers, free lunch, etc.
Chairman: L. Gold
Members: M.M. Morgulis, N.M. Morgulis, A.L. Gold, M.L. Tsitron, & M.M. Zhif

3. Commission to deal with the lack of Jewish students at Novorossiysk University
Chairman: V.B. Pitkis
Members: L.J. Rabinowitz, Dr. KN Puritz

4. Finance Committee
 Responsible for attracting new members & finding ways to increase funds
Chairman: L.G. Gold
Members: I.L. Fishman, I.M. Linter, B.M. Shuhgalter, DAT Sigal, M.X. Zborowski, G.G. Livshits, M. Ya. Feldman, L. S. Filyurin, S.O. Kesepbrener, L. Ya. Shtereiberg, & L.A. Morgulis

5. School Pedagogical Commission & Composition:
Chairman: Ya. L. Saker
Member: Ya. Yu. Bardach