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Index/Tables of Galicia, including Krakow (Skorowidz dóbr tabularnych w Galicyi z W. Ks. Krakowskiem”)  (uses DjVu)

This publication is a veritable goldmine of Jewish property owners! Even though the publication is in Polish, the personal and place names are easily recognizable in English.

Beginning on p. 2 there is an alphabetical list (by location) of property owners. The first two columns are the location names & the Owner/Co-owners names. The last two columns are the District office/District Council & the Notary and County Tax Office.

Beginning on p. 197 (image 200):
Alphabetical List of Owners in Galicia /Krakow: The numbers indicate the index pages of the property owners. Pages 192-196 were transfers of ownership. Page 197 makes corrections of the information:

p. 192 (i. 194)

A. A list of ownership changes:
Village Name                      Former Owner                            Current Owner (as of 1904-05)
Babianka                             Kleiner Majer                             Kornhaber Mojzisz Izak

p. 196 (i. 198)

B. List of property  that is no longer owned??/Listed??
Location                                   Former Owner                     District Town /Mortgage (?)
Maryanka mikolajewska          Sigall Ryfka & 5 others        Zloczow  454

C. List of new owners(?)
Location                                 New Owner                           District Town/Mortgage                                  
Nowosiolka                           Orenstein Roza &                   Tarnopol  740
                                              Margulies Jakob        

p. 197 (i. 199)

D. Corrections (of information):
Page                                     Instead of:                                Will Be Changed to:

4                                          Petrik Jakob                              Fagan Jakob Patrik

Be sure to check out the ads, you may spot a family name, even if you are unable to read the description. Of course, you could use and type the words out, using Polish to English---you can leave off the diacritical accents and still get a general idea of what the ads say!---There’s even a bookstore which offers a list of the latest publications (1904-05, of course!).

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