1. Hi, Marilyn

    It is very hard to read light text on a dark background. Any possibility to switch the colors? I couldn't read more than one or two posts before developing eyestrain. Your posts are very interesting in their details, but if one cannot read them, then it is a shame.

    with best wishes
    Schelly Talalay Dardashti

  2. Hi Marilyn
    Enjoy our numerous, informative posts on the various SIGs.
    It looks like Latvia month so I thought I'd post regarding MIGEL family from Riga. The brothers Migel arrived in USA in the mid 1850's mostly from Mexico or South America. Despite the Spanish sounding name, they all mentioned Riga as their place of birth. All info appreciated.
    Yosef Sa'ar
    Elat on the Red Sea

    1. Thank you for your information. Over the last couple of years I've posted many comments on the various SIGs, as well.

  3. thank you for your information. My family names for Bolechow, Galicia are: WALDMAN, FISCHBEIN. FOR Boslev/Boguslav, Ukraine are: MEDWINSKY, LEMBERSKY/LAMBERSKY, WALDMAN.
    iF YOU have any information/leads on these family names, I would like to know. Also, my maternal gf Lambersky was a soldier/guard in the Czrina's army. Do you know where to point me to a list of these individuals?
    Thank you for your time.
    Harriet Ader

    1. Hi Harriet,
      Thank you for taking time to contact me.
      I definitely do not have, nor have I seen any information, regarding soldiers in the Czarina's army.
      I don't generally keep track of individual family names. Of course, there are some names that seem to pop up over and over again such as Gurevich, Zeitlin, Rabinovich, Kagan, etc. So, I suggest that you follow the posts and delve into the actual documents that I link to. I only post a very limited number of names from each publication and leave the remaining research to individuals.