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(Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Kiev)

Fonds of Administrative & Military-Administrative Institutions

Fond 442:Governor-General’s Office for Kiev, Podolia & Volyn,
Inventories 39-52: Police

Fond 442, Inv.  (Opis)41, Case (Delo) 166: Polish-born Abram Rosenzweig allowed to move to Radzivilov. 4 sheets.

Fond 442, Inv. 43, Case 650, 11 sheets: With reference to the fire in March, 1863 and the petition of Pyatigorsk residents affected by the fire, based on the provision of benefits. 8/8/1864-5/18/1865. The Kiev governor okayed (?) money to the Jewish fire victims from Pyatigorsk, Tarashcha county.

Fond 442, Inv. 43, Case 652: Kiev governor okayed money to the Jewish fire victims from Hodorkov/Khodorkov.

Fond 442, Inv. 45, Case 44: Regarding Orinina Morukov Grumban & Boruch Furman (smugglers) near the border areas of Lyantskoruni in the Zvenigorod District.

Fond 442, Inv 45, Case 50: Regarding smugglers Novo- Aleksintsa’s Mikhelya Binik, Abraham Chatsky, Shovelya Chatsky, Altera Gelman, Gersha/Hirsch Saltz, Moshka Zaltsman, & Lalyasa Kulya/Kul.

Fond 442, Inv. 45, Case 396, 3 sheets: Regarding the expulsion of the Jews, Itska & Nuhima Hershkowitz Gurtman.

Fond 442, Inv. 45, Case 332: Regarding the petition of barber, Elia Vaysmin, for a reward for spending time with cholera patients in Staroconstantinovsky county clinic.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 80, 34 Sheets: Regarding the Kiev governor and the number of Jewish clerks. 9/11/1873.

Fond442, Inv. 52, Case 110, 4 sheets: Regarding the eviction of Moldovan citizen, Moshe Kofman. 5/11/1873.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 146: Regarding Rabinovitch, a Jew exiled to Siberia, to return to live in Illintsy. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 154, 6 sheets: Regarding decorated (awarded) merchant Szymansky for humane feat. 1874.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 185, 8 sheets.: Regarding exiled abroad David Gordon and David Bilmut. 1873. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 189, 6 sheets: Regarding Turkish citizen Liechtenstein, a Jew. 1874. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 233, 7 sheets: Regarding exiled abroad, foreigner Shifman, a Jew. 11/16/1874. Case closed.

Fund 442, Inv. 52, Case 265, 3 sheets: Regarding recommendation of the Governor of Podolsky, eviction abroad of Srul Hopmovich/Khopmovich, a Jew. 8/30/1873. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 273, 13 sheets: Regarding a complaint of Altera Rosenzweig, a Jew, exiled abroad. 1873.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 306, 70 sheets: Regarding the tumult & resistance of Jews from Haradok/Gorodok against border guards. 3/22/1875.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 315, 6 sheets: Regarding exiled Jew, Iosya Silbermann, smuggler. 12/21/1873.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 330, 8 sheets. Regarding the recommendation (order?) of the Podolsky governor about Chaim Litvak (according to verdict of peasants of the W. Mechetnaya, Balta district). 2/15/1874.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 333, 15 sheets: Regarding the proposal of Volyn Governor about exiled Jew, Fisherman (smuggler). 8/2/1876.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 351, 5 sheets: Regarding exiled Jew Iosya Golfarb. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 356, 8 sheets: Regarding the recommendation of Podolsky Governor to exile Gluzman, Fayzilberg, Yagolnitser (?) et al. for smuggling fish. 2/13/1874.

Fund 442, Inv. 52, Case 364: Regarding the eviction of Yankelya Perelya, a Sharovka Jew. 1/4/1874. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 369, 7 sheets: Regarding the expulsion of Motya Oxman/Ochsman, a Jewish smuggler/contrabandist. 3/17/1875.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 371, 3 sheets: Regarding the expulsion of Moshka & Aron Rabenkih (Ryabenkikh?). 12/22/1873. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 378: Regarding the eviction of the families of Jewish smugglers from Lyantskorunya, Balta. 1873-1875.
L. 4-4 ob. Volko Kiderman, Hersho & Isaac Huberman/Guberman, Srul Groisberg, Ida Leyb Schmukler, Fishel Gitelman, Ios Gitelman (aka Kushnir), Srul Zherder, Faybish Charkovsky… of Lyantskorun (presently Zarechanka), Orinina, Zbrizha.

L. 9 ob. Residing in Zbrizhe merchant from Lyantskorunya, Kamenetz district, Volko Shurinets (aka Kiderman) & family living Zbrizhe house…

L. 10—something about a meeting held in 1/1873 (or 1/1874?)  regarding the eviction of Jews from 40 families.

L. 10 ob. Jewish smugglers…found to have smuggled fish from  near the border to Kamenetz.

L. 11. A police captain’s report (6/12/1873), #289 to Gusyatyn Customs regarding a list to incriminate Jews for smuggling.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 380, 5 sheets: Regarding the eviction abroad of Greek citizen, Weinstein. 9/11/1874.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 383, 5 sheets; Regarding the eviction abroad of Molovan citizen Abraham Singer. 12/14/1873. Case closed.

Fond 442, Inv. 52, Case 388, 1 sheet: Regarding peasants’ request to evict a Jew from Podolsk. 12/26/1873. Case closed.

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A Russian language article, written by A.I. Chayesh: “Dead Souls of Satanova”, discusses the history of cholera in Satanov/Sataniv and its impact on the Jewish population. Included in the article is an alphabetical list of Jewish deaths based on information found in the Russian State Historical Archive (RSHA). He notes that the primary resource listed deaths in the order in which they occurred rather than alphabetically. The original sources of information were: Satanovsky Kahal, Podolsk Treasury Chamber, Podolsk Provincial Government.

A few of the names from the Jewish community are listed here. For the rest, please refer to the article at: http://www.jewish-heritage.org/prep27.htm  (from Jewish Heritage)

*The “+” & a number indicates additional people with the same surname.

Averbuch Kelman Moshkovich, Ashkenuze Shovel Maiorkovich

Balohover Abish Eliovich, Bankvecher Leyba Shaiovich

Barymboim Srul Voliovich (+2), Bass Ayzyk Hershkowitz (+1)*, Becker Kelman Leibovich

Vaynanber Yankel Luzerovich, Vaser Srul Hershkowitz

Geylir Zeylik Ehiliovich, Gelboim Yankel Maiorkovich

Daychman Leyba Azykovich, Dahes Leyba Abavich (+2)

Seltzer Gimmel Shilamovich (+1)

Itskovich Benyumen (+1)

Kaziner Ios Zusiovich (+2), Katz Ios Haimovich (+ 1), Kgures Shlioma Leizorovich, Kushner Hershko Froimovich (+ 3)

Lashkovitser Michael Hershkowitz, Lehtentul Abramkov Voliovich (+2)

Mekibel Iovel Mortkovich (+1), Mintz Berko Psahovich (+ 4)

Nutovich Yankel Nusinov, Nuhimovich Ios

Oyhman El Kun Ancheliovich

Palic Srul Leibovich, Pelzer Moshe Beer Eyberovich (+1)

Rayzinfeld Leiba Yankelovich, Ronis Itsko Moshkovich (+1)

Segal Haim Iosiovich

Treyger Mosko Itskovich, Tyaler Alter hershko Idliovich

Uris Koel Shilimovich

Frenkel/Frankil Pinkas Shimon Yankelovich (+1)

Hazan/Hezen Mortka Shliomovich

Sheinberg Itsik Bir Haimovich (+1), Shinder Boruch Duvidovich (+1)

Yanover Alter Ovshiovich

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To escape the seriousness of many of the postings, I thought I'd post some fun and interesting wedding videos and music for a change!

United States (New York): A wild Chabad Lubavitch wedding. (“The Jewish Wedding Video”)

Israel (Jerusalem): A Chinese Jewish Wedding in Jerusalem (the Chinese bride, from Kaifeng,  was of Jewish descent and married an American Jewish immigrant to Israel)--East Meets West!

Israel (Jerusalem):"Ultra-Orthodox Jewish wedding” (Haredi community)

Music & Dance

“"Mazel Tov Dances”—Jewish Wedding Dance 

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I had blogged about this Russian language military site a few years ago on one of the Jewishgen SIGs. It is such an important research tool that I thought that it bears repeating here. It includes a summary of information for the individual and copies of original documents (in Russian).

According to the description, “The main objective of the project-to enable millions of people to determine the fate or find information about their dead or missing relatives, to determine the place of burial.”


1. Translate surname (also first, patronymic, if known) to Russian. (Google translate is good, if you are not literate in Russian)
—Write in your language in left box (after selecting the appropriate language tab)>> 
-- Choose "Russian" for right box>> 
-- Click translate>> 
--Highlight & copy the name as written in Russian. 
EX. LURIA >>>> Лурия

2.  Use an online translator, if needed, to read the page. 
--Fill in Surname (at least) in grey section- top row, left box--- be sure to use the name in RUSSIAN. 
(Using the highlighted/copied name, "paste" it into the surname box)

--the middle box is for the first name; last box is for the patronym--you can search with only the last name if necessary.

(it also asks for year of birth, rank, but you can search w/o these.)

3. click>>>> search  (3rd box in second row)

This is what came up for Luria (using Google's online translation):

Source Name
Date of birth
Date of death
Place of birth

eport on losses
Luria Ustenty
__.__. 1913
Bashkir ASSR, p. Malomed
eport on losses
Luria Anatoly Savel'evich
__.__. 1898
ists of names of burials
Luria Anatoly Savel'evich
__.__. 1898

ists of names of burials
Luria Anatoly Savel'evich
__.__. 1898

4. Click on name desired. (It will be in Russian unless you use a page translator).

5. Click on desired name>>>>”Information from the reports….” page. 

6. This page gives:

 ---DOB, POB, Date & place of recruitment, Last place of service, Military rank, Reason for death, Source name, Fond source, Inventory #, Case #. (You can't see all of it in the above example because it was too wide to fit on the page.)

---A copy or copies of the original document (s)