Thursday, June 13, 2013


The information posted here is based on a series articles detailed in a Russian language magazine, "Scepsis--a magazine of science and social criticism".

Number 55: Testimonies from representatives of the Kharkov Jewish community regarding executions by the Armed Forces of South Russia (VSYUR), July, 1919 in Lebedinsk County, Kharkov are available in this article. ( Information is based on GARF. F. R-1339. Op. 1. D. 445. L. 27

The local Jewish population was looted and terrorized. The commandant imposed a payment of 250,000 rubles in addition to other goods and materials.

Zelbeta and his wife (he was the chairman of the Jewish community)-- were beaten
Jacobson—(in the hospital), was beaten as was:
Joseph, his wife and children, Livshits (an old man), Zuckerman, Isaac Gorelik, Gurevich
Korenblit (80 years old) was forced to dance and sing
Arshinova was forced to kiss below a mare’s tail

Number 62: Witness to the early July, 1919 pogrom by the detachment of General Shkuro in Yekaterinoslav, was Paulina Osipovna Taslitskaya.
The information is based on data from GARF. F. R-1339. Op. 1. D. 419 L. 2-2 vol.

The “actions against the Jews were in the nature, mainly [of] robbery, but there were also cases of murders, many were raped.” The rabbi warned the Jews not to travel by rail, as the danger was great—often Jews were separated from others to be robbed and often killed.

Number 71: The witness to the pogrom in the village, Sofievka, Ekaterinoslav, July, 1919, was Pesach Leibov Pilyavsky.
The information was based on data from GARF> F. R-1339. Op.1. D.419. L. 26-27.

The village had about 90 Jewish families. Looting was committed by the troops, not by the village peasants.
Leo and Nahem Berezovsky (brothers) were whipped.
Representatives of the community were:
Isaac Kurdovera (chairman and also chairman of the 2nd Sophia Consumer Society)
Osher Bezsmertny (merchant)
Boris Eyfera (tannery owner)

Arrested were:
Osher Bezsmertny
Isaac and Boris Kurdovera
Boris Eyfera
Mendel Kogan

After the pogrom only about 20 Jewish families remained alive.