Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Lily Kalmina in her article “Jews in the Western Trans-Baikal: the Search for Economic Niches…” discusses the economic development of Jews residing and working in the area. Most earned their living in craft and trade—textiles, haberdashery, knitwear, hardware, etc.  

Some of the names mentioned in the article are:

Some of the names mentioned in the article are:
Joseph Rosenstein (Verkhneudinsk)
Kleiman Rodovsky , brothers (clothing and manufacturing),
Samuel Nodelman (books)
Litman Shlaina (chemists)
Samuel Rosenstein (mechanical steam mill, sawmill and chest manufacturer)
Moses Rodovsky
Abram Soloveitchik (grocery, also in parnership with his sons in textiles)
_____Gindin (distiller)
Abram Novomeysky (gold mining)
Naphthol Kapelman (flour)
Pesach Rodovsky (confectionary products)
L. Gerstein & co (a business enterprise)
M. Popov (gunpowder, insurance, coal mines)
Jacob Feinberg (merchant of a trading company)
Itskovich (soap ?)

On a Russian language forum at“gray-haired” listed the names of some Jews mentioned in a book by FF Bolonev( “Pahari and Warriors of the Western Transbailkalia, 19th-early 20th C.”). The names were part of military enlistment lists (1904) and a call up list (1905): Prezhensky Aoronovich Gersh (brothers--Joseph, Yankel), Protykin Srulevich Zelman (brothers--Abram, Judah, Fridman Leyba Borisov (brothers--Moshe, Mordkhe), Lazar Abramov Golberg (in Russo-Japanese War), Karmen Zelik Abramovich (father-Abram, brothers—Solomon, Gersh), Bankov Anufry Iudovich (brothers—Shmuel, Yankel).

Please check the sources for any additional information.