Friday, June 7, 2013


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In pre-revolutionary Russia there were several steps required before becoming a "pharmacist", the highest rank of the pharmaceutical degree: pharmacy student, pharmacy assistant, pharmacist, Master of Pharmacy degree.

Abram Gugovich ANDRES (1896-?)--a chemistry student, worked in his father's pharmacy (Hugo ANDRES) in Tula, also had worked in a St. Petersburg pharmacy.

Jacob Leontiyev VAYSBERG/WEISBERG--pharmacist, Bila

Joseph GIMPELSON----Novosilsky 4 city school (1912), Oryol/Orel gymnasium (1913)

Itsko Shmulevich GOFT--pharmacist, pharmacy manager

ZALEMAN--pharmacist, pharmacy manager

A. SIEFERT--pharmacy owner, Tula

Nathan Moiseevich MICHELSON--pharmacist, Jewish tradesman, pharmacy manager in Zheludsk, Novosil.

Mera Leybovna FRUKHSHTEYN--pharmacist's wife, from Novosibirsk province, Tula