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ODDS & ENDS: Volyn Province

Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev (TSGIAK)

Volyn Province
         Zhitomir City

F. 1335, Inv. 218, Case 1
         Inquiry of Zhitomir merchant, Zlatis MH-A, accused of possessing & distributing in Zhitomir, RSDLP organization leaflets, “By Working Men & Women”. 1905. 11L

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 282
         Inquiry regarding MH-A and GH-A Zlatis, accused of distributing in Zhitomir, RSDLP leaflets, “Soldier’s Memo”. 1905. 51L

F. 1335, Inv. 283 Case 1
         Inquiry regarding the Zhitomir  bent furniture factory workers, AM & EM Shvartsman, accused of possessing and distributing Zhitomir Social-Democratic group leaflets. 1905

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 352
         Inquiry about the protest gathering against the decree of the State Duma in a synagogue in Zhitomir, Aug. 7, 1905. List of persons at meeting available. 1905. 78L

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 407
         Inquiry regarding Zhitomir masseuse, Gottlieb I.-EV accused of distributing illegal literature 1905.  13 sheets

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 409
         Inquiry regarding Zhitomir resident, MK Sklar, who was accused of distributing illegal literature. 1905. 26L

F. 1335, Inv. 1 Case 504
         Political case regarding verification of Zhitomir mountains persons, IM Boveman (aka Braverman), I. Sh. & SJ Pinchuk, who participated in the organization of workers’ strikes & printing lithographs in Zhitomir 1906. 59L

F. 1335 Inv. Case 567
         Inquiry regarding teacher, AB Frenkel, of Zhitomir, accused of distributing illegal leaflets and campaigning recruits & peasants to disobey and revolt against landlords 1906. 41L

F. 1335, Inv. 771 Case 1
         Regarding the arrest in Zhitomir of middle class men, ND Weisberg, Sh. M. Spivak, and 7 others for illegal gatherings. 1907. 44L

F. 1335 Inv. 1016 Case 1
         Regarding a case of political verification, 1st Zhitomir Gymnasium. LM Briskin, MG Bruns, & AA Shumsky, suspected of belonging to the organization of anarchist-communists. 1908. 281L

         Vladimir-Volyn (Until 1795 called Vladimir)

F. 442, Inv 1 t. 7, Case 10849
         Bulletin of the Jewish population of the cities Kremenets & Vladimir and the Vladimir county of Volyn Province, to be evicted from the 50-verst frontier strip of land (land near the border). 1853. 104L

         Dubno District of Volyn County

F. 442, Inv 1 t 7, Case 10850
Bulletin regarding the Jewish population of the cities of  Lutsk & Dubno, Dubno & Starokonstantinovsky County of Volyn Province: to be evicted from the 50-verst frontier strip 1853. 125L

         Dubno city
F 442, Inv 1, Vol. 2, Case 2757
         Case of the receipt of an inheritance from Austria. Russian citizen, Kagan, accepted Austrian citizenship. 1838-1844 133L

F. 442 Inv. 1 t. 3, Case 3439
         Correspondence with Volyn provincial government on the prohibition of the return to the Jewish community by Russian Cantor Vaytrub and his two relatives because of their long stay abroad on an expired passport. 1840. 9 sheets

F. 442, Inv. 1 t. 7, Case 10890
         Correspondence with the Ministry of Internal Affairs & Volyn provincial government, regarding a Dubno Volyn native, L. Felkovsky and presenting him the right of Austrian citzenship. 1853-1854. 17L

F. 442, Inv. 157, Case 418
         Correspondence with the provincial government and Volyn governor, for permission for F. Shniteyman of Dubno, Volyn province to go to Siberia with her husband, exiled for the preparation of an attempt on the life of police chief, Kurbatov. 1846. 10 sheets

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 509
         Case of political verification of merchant, AB Roitman, who was arrested for participating in a strike movement in Dubno. 1906. 14L

F. 1335, Inv. 3, Case 53
         Case regarding the arrest in Dubno of  Austrian citizen, VA Malinovsky, suspected of military espionage. 1911. 15L

         Dubno County
          Berestechskaya Parish
F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 452
         Inquiry about Lobachevki  (Dubno County) merchant, Ya.—BP Lander, accused of speaking against the czar. 1905.

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 812
          Case of political verification regarding MM Hirsch and two others suspected of belonging to the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. 1907.

          Mizoch Parish
F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 363
         Inquiry about a merchant from Mizoch, B. Ya. Tsire, accused of possessing Zionist Socialist Workers Party pamphlets, magazines, and other literature. 1905-1906. 35L

            Yaroslavich Parish
F.  1335, Inv. 1, Case 465
         Inquiry about Torgovitsa merchant, A.-Ya.G., accused of speaking out against the royal family. 1905. 25 sheets

         Kremenetz County
           Kremenetz City

F. 442, Inv. 1 vol. 5, Case 6716
         Description of houses and other buildings belonging to the Jewish population o f Kremenets, to be relocated from the territory of the 50-verst frontier strip. 1846. 24 sheets

F. 442, Inv. 1 t. 7, Case 10849
         Bulletin of the Jewish population of the cities Kremenets & Vladimir, & the Vladimir county of Volyn province. To be evicted from the 50-erst frontier strip. 1853. 104L

F. 1335, Inv. 419, Case 1
         Inquiry of Kremenets tailor, G.-D.H. Presman, from Radzivilove, detained for transportation of illegal literature. 1907. 19 sheets

F. 1335, Inv. 1 Case 513
         Political verification of merchant, II Shterenberg, suspected of agitation of artisans of  Kremenets, by organizing strikes. 1906-1907. 46L

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 514
Political verification of tutor O.-D. Ya.-M., suspected of agitation of Kremenets artisans by organizing strikes. 1906-1907. 23L

         Lutsk County

F. 96 Lutsk Jewish Society
         Case 559: 1841-42, 1844-70, 1872, 1875—80, 182, 1887-90, 1897-1904, 1909-11, 1915-16, 1918
Parish registers of Vladimir-Volin, Dubno, Lutsk counties synagogues

           Lutsk City
F. 442, Inv. 1 t. 3, Case 3440
         Expulsion from Russia of the Austrian citizen, F. Weisser, for stealing goods from the shop of G. Khouri. 1840. 9L.

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 493
         Inquiry regarding the Lutsk bookstore of landlord, MA Rekhman, accused of possessing illegal literature. 1907. 29 sheets

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 815
         Political verification of merchant, W. L.-V Mandel, who was arrested for belonging to the Lutsk Socialist-Revolutionary Party, and storage of the library of that party. 1907. 42L

F. 1335, Inv. 1, Case 816
         Political verification of Kiev University student, M.-C. OG Frischberg; milliner, MI  Zandvays, suspected of belonging to the Lutsk Socialist-Revolutionary Party.

         Novograd Volyn District
           Novograd Volyn City
F.1335, Inv. 1, Case 523
         Political verification of merchant, A. Vaysblat, I. Kissin, & 5 others. Detained due to an illegal gathering in Novograd-Volyn. 1906. 21L

         Rivne District
F. 118, Inv. 9, Case 981a

         Regarding the collection of 300 Rubles fine from Jewish families, for evading military service in the 1899 call up from the Rivne District.

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Engelssky/Engels (Ternovskiy) District, Saratov: Evacuation List of Citizens During WWII (1941-45)

(Municipal Budget Institution Archive: Engels Municipal Area of Saratov Region)

This is a list of Engels' citizens who may have been Jewish.

Abramovich F. From

Abramovich From M

Agre Rachel Maksimovna

Agre Rahima Moiseevna
1904, 1905
Agre Moses T.
Agre  Lyubov Markovna
Agre Elena Nikolaevna
Agrey Elena Moiseevna
Azer Sameon Samuilovich
Azerovna Anna Samuilovna
Asimov Shlema Evistovych (?)

Azov Shlema Beybovich (Leybovich)

Azov Vera Moiseevna

Azov Musya Zalmon.
Axelrod Inda Yankel-Ios.
Axelrod Bentsion Kelm.
Axelrod Kalma. Bentsion
Axelrod Nina Osipovna
Akkulchyn Victor F.
Akulshina Anna From.
Astaskevich Simon Y..
Astaskevich Sofia Simonovna
Astaskevich Fenya Simonovna
Astaskevich  Leya Simonovna
Astaskevich Sima Simonovna
Astaskevich Sarah Lyubovna

Berkovich Mic. Davidovich
Berman Pauline M.

Berman Riva B.

Berman Velya Zakharovna
Berman Sofia G.
Bernshtein Sawa M.

Bernshtein Ida Davidovna

Bernshtein David Savovich

Birenboin Jacob Isakovich

Bolshunov Moses Leibovich

Bolshunov Sofia Moiseevna

Bolshunov Tauba Moiseevna

Bolshunov Tauba Moiseevna

Bolshunov Leya Moiseevna

Bolshunov Liza Moiseevna

Brikker Fenya Isaacovna

Bulshteyn Aaron Khaimovich

Bulshteyn Marya Khaskelevna

Bulshteyn Daniel Aronovich

Bulshteyn Naum Aronovich

Vajnbrint Faina Naumova
Vajner Genia Moiseeich

Vajner Leonid A

Vaynshtein Abo Abovych

Vajnshtein Tsylya Gendlevna

Vaynshtein Sarra Izrailevna

Vaynshtein Genya Natalovna

Vaynshtein Anna Natalovna

Vayshten Sara Izrailovna

Vanshteyn Leyba Shmulevych

Vanshteyn Bela  Kafterlovna

Vanshteyn Fania Moiseevna
Vanshteyn Ala Vladimirovna
Vanshteyn Elena Vladimirovna
Vinokur Anya Izralevna
1926, 1926
Vinokur Ester Moiseevna
Vinokur Mikhail Grigoryevich (Izr.)
1928, 1929)
Vinokur Zhenya Grigoryevich (Izr.)
Voichenko Beniamin Aleksandrovich

Volfowitz Zina Nesonovna

Volfowitz Grigoriy Isakovich

Voronov  Yuriy Nisonovich
Voronov Sara Nisinovna

Galperin/Halperin Clara Efimovna

Galperin/Halperin Rakhil Davidovna

Galperin/Halperin Rozovilya D.

Gasman Isaak Izralevich
Gasman Raisa
Gasman Roza Isaakovna
Gash Lyubov Lazarevna

Geller Sima Sendorovna
Geller Sarra Sendorovna
Geld Mariyam (Mariya)Khaimov

Geld Markus Solomonovich

Geld Khaya Solomonovich

Gelman Simkha Davidovna

Gelman Sofia G.

Gelman Simkha Davidovich

Gershenzon Abram Gershovych

Gershenzon Volf Abramovich

Gershenzon Golda Abramovna

Gershenzon Rikla Gildovna

Gershenzon Motel Gershkovich

Gershenzon  Feyda Abramovna

Gershenzon Klara Motelevna

Gershenzon Brama Khaimov

Gershenzon Fima Lazarevich

Gershen  Maya (?) Nikolaev

Geksman Zelm Shlemovich

Geksman Shiva Mefovna (?)

Geksman Marya Aronov

Geksman Jacob Zelmovych

Gilman Leib Khaimovich

Gilman Ester Peysihovna

Gilman Dunya Leybona

Gilman Raya Leybovna

Gilman Basia Leybovna

Gilman Munya Leybovna

Gindin Efim Isaakovich

Gindin Aleksandr E.

Gindin Efraim

Gindina? Marya K.
Gindin? Boris
Gindin Vl
Gindina Marya M

Gindina Efir Efimovna

Ginzburg Efim Moiseevich
1938 (? It was entered as 1983)
Gintsenberg Genia Yankelevna

Glaser Liya G.
Glikman  Yakov E.
Glikman Alla

Gluzman Shulim Menashevich
Goberman Nachman Samuilovich

Goberman Mykh*lya Leybovna

Goberman Leva Nachmanovich

Goberman Lazar Nachmanovich

Goberman Abram Nachmanovich

Godik  Vera Abramovna

Golod Rakhyl Matusovna

Golod Mikhail Matveevich

Golod Alta Iosifovna

Golodets Mordukh  Mayb.
Golodets Fira Moiseevna
Golodets Fania Mordukhovna
Golodets Marya Mordukhovna
Golodets Pasha Mordukhovna
Golodets Naum Mordukhovich
Golodets Anna Mordukhovna

Golub Zalman Mesrovich

Golub Frida Zalmanovna

Golubovich Marya Davydovna

Golubovich Ovzor Davidovich

Golubovich Beba (Veba) Davidovna

Golberg Moisey G.
Golberg Roza (Rezolya) Iosifovna
Golberg Leonid Moiseevich
Golberg Liya (Milya) Moisevena
Golberg Benutol ? Telen. ?

Goldenberg Iosif Matveevich
Goldenberg Anatoly I.
Goldenberk  Perl M.
Goldenberk Tamara M.
Golder Tselya Mihailova

Golder Khaya Y.

Golder Mar. Shlemona

Goldf Tselya Khailovich
Goldf  Khaya Y.
Goltman  Lyubov Samoilovna

Goltman Yakov Usherovich

Goltuber Fima

Goltfrob Beniamin Iosif

Gorodetskaya Minya Khaim.

Gorodetskaya Leyba Judel.

Gorodetskaya Etya Lvovna

Gorodetskaya Rosalya Abramovna

Gorodetskaya Liza Abramovna

Gorodetsky Boris Abramovich

Gorodetsky Vladimir Aronovych

Gorski Leva Ioselevich

Gorski Rivekka Lvovna

Gorski Feliks L.

Gorski Zinaida Lvovna

Gortopan Gitla Strumona?

Gortopan Klava? Iosifovna

Gortopan Etlya Iosifovna

Gofman Feika
? Khaimovich

Gofman Shia Shlemovich

Gofman Abrash? Shlemovich

Gofman Chernya Kalmovna
Gofman Yevgeniya/Eugene B.
Gofman Fania B.
Gofman Boris Abram.
Gofman Fira B.

Grabowski Yankel

Granovskaya Rakhil Moiseevna

Granovskaya Marya Izrailevna

Granovsky Boris Izrailovich

Grachuk Anna
Grachuk Raisa From.
Grimburg Mina Alekseevna

Grinberg Tanya Yankelevna

Grinberg Freyda Moiseevna

Grinvald Xain? Gershkovich

Grinvald Etel/Ethel Mendeleevna

Grinvald Petr Abramovich

Grushevskaya/Hrushevskaya Ester Khaimov

Grushevskaya Ester Khaim.

Grushevskaya Fania Moiseevna

Grushevskaya-Shcherbakova Leya Mendeleevna

Grushevskaya-Shcherbakova Fania Moiseevna

Grushevskoho Mendel Zelmovych

Grushevskoho Mendel Zelma.

Gurevich Asya G.
Gurevich Alya Berkova
Gurska Aviv Mordukhovna

Gursky Mordukh Isakovich

Gursky Mordukh Vin.

Gusinskaya Elena Iosifona
Gusinskaya Riva Iosifovna
Gusinskaya Basia Lipkovo
Gutjahr Yuliya Davydovna

Gutyantov Moisey M.

Gutyan (t)s Vladimir Moiseevich
Gutyantova Galina Moiseevna

Guts Iosif Moiseevich

Guts Ida Zemyakova