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The area near the border was under special supervision by the border guards & customs officials in order to fight smuggling. Those accused of smuggling could be evicted from the area, particularly Jews.

TSGIAK (Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev)

            Balta City
F. 442, Inv. 52,  Case 378
RE: 1873-75 Eviction of Jewish smugglers with families from the Lyantskorunya 50 verst [ab. .6 miles] strip of land near the border) in Balta
L.4-4ob—Wolken Kiderman (aka Shurinets), Hershko & Isaac Huberman, Srul Groysberg, Ida Leib Schmuckler, Fishel Gitelman, Ios Gitelman (aka Kushnir), Srul Zherder, Faybish Charkovsky of Lyantskorun, Orinina, Zbrizha

L. 9ob--…living in Zbrizhe, Lyantskorunya, Kamenetz district: Wolken Shurinets & his family  in a Zbrizhe house…

F. 442, Inv. 623 257L., Case 1-14
RE: 1893 case of Jew, H. Brodsky, who lived in Kamenetz-Podolsk, at the entrance to the 50-verst border strip…

            Veliko Mechetnyanskaya Parish (township)
F 442, Inv. 52 Case 330
RE: …On the recommendation of the Podolsky governor, by the verdict of the V. Mech. Peasant Society, Jew, Chaim Litvak…


TSGIAK (Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev)

            Vinnitsa City
F. 45: Vinnitsa Policeman Magistrate
            Inv. 2, Case 1: The arrest of a Vinnitsa resident, B. Shulimovich, for counterfeit gold coins. 1795 106 L

            Inv. 12, Case 2: Case against merchant I. Srulevich for bribery of a Vinnitsa lawyer, Skrygin. 1796 28 L.


TSGIAK (Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev)

            Mogilev—Podolsky City ( Mogilev—up to 1923)
F. 442, Inv. 1t 7, Case 10888
RE: Case for petition of a Mogilev Podolsk resident, an Austrian citizen, S. Weissman, who seeking permission to get Russian citizenship & remain in Russia. 1853 14 L.

F 442, Inv. 1 t. 7, Case 11847
Title: “Case for a Report of the Mogilev District Police About the Illegal Actions of Collegiate registrar, Gabriel Moralevich” L. 9-10 ob. Mogilev tradesman, Philip Chopik found murdered outside the city. From 2-3 June an attacker entered the house of Jew, Moshka Kisil/Kisel, intending to rob anything. When Kisel heard the attacker, he got up and caught him. While breaking away from Kisel, the attacker was injured by some sharp instrument…LA 17—20ob. During the time that Moralevich was in Mogilev, murders & robberies occurred.


TSGIAK (Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev)

            Proskurov/Proskuriv City (Ploskirov, until 1795)
F. 442, Inv. 1 Vol. 2, Case 2382
RE: Request by the Jewish community for permission to move to Kherson Province. 1837-1838 3 sheets.


TSGIAK (Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev)

            Yampil Town
F. 442, Inv. 1 vol. 5, case 6709
Lists of the Jewish population from Yampol engaged in agriculture, to be relocated to the territory of the 50-verst border strip. 1846 4 sheets


TSGIAK (Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kiev)

F. 442, Inv. 1 vol. 5, Case 7642
Representation of medals awarded to merchant Friedman and the postman for saving a Brest merchant from Nosovodera from drowning in the river.

F. 442, Inv. 1t. 7, Case 10832

Zigelboymami (Zygielbojm?) Itskom & Shulimom, commoners, assigned the family name Vayngurtov.  Postscript (?) by that name to the merchants 3rd guild Kamenetz-Podolsk. 1853-1857 gg. 45 L

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