Sunday, April 23, 2017

Belarus Jewish Cemeteries: Burials

Belarus Jewish Cemeteries: Burials

RECHITSA: Gomel region. It has 3,000+ burials. The cemetery includes burials of those killed during WWII.

OSOVCY: Village of Osovcy, Gomel Region.


UGNOYE 1: Gomel Region.

UGNOYE 2: Chernihiv, Gomel Region.

BOBRUYSK: Bobruisk. Has about 7500 graves.

VETKA: Vetka.

CHECHERSK: Chechersk.

MOGILEV: City of Mogilev.

KALINKOVICHI: Kalinkovichi.

NAROVLYA: Narovlya.

BRAGIN: Bragin.