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David Rzezk: 1948 Palestine Registration Certificate, Jewish Agency for Palestine

Birth: 1/4/ 16

1948 Munich Jewish Committee Support Card: Schenker (“Betreuungskarte”—care card for invalids): Holocaust Survivors

Name: Schaja Schenker 
Birth: Jaworna, Feb. 11, 1918
Residence: Valleystr. 41

Argentina: Identity Card (Buenos Aires)
Name: Maximo Fuhrer
Birth: Brno, Feb. 1, 1915 (Moravia, Czech.)
Occupation: Educator

Argentina Military: Maximo Fuhrer

Member of the Argentina “Ezra” Jewish Association for Mutual Benefit and Aid: Jewish Hospital of Buenos Aires: Maximo  Fuher (same person as above, last name misspelled? “Fuher”)

Spouse: Susana
Child: Perla
Ezra Jewish Hospital

Uruguay: 1940 Identity Card (Montevideo)
Name: M_______ Fuhrer Kottler (signed as Max Fuhrer) first name illegible, "Max"? Is he related to Maximo Fuhrer (above)?
Birth: Brno, Czech., Feb. 12, 1915
To: Montevideo April 25, 1940

German Red Cross Jewish Letter from Austria to Palestine

Sender: Martha Neumann Weinheber
From: Vienna
To: Rudolf Korn, Kiriath Benjamin, near Haifa, Palestine
Date: Jan. 30, 1942
Martha writes: Healthy, kisses to Edith. Especially, stay healthy all. Robert unfortunately died, Paul & Bruno healthy, Paul brave. Many kisses. Martha

1948 Hungarian Emmigration Passport (#69405)
Name: Zoltan Herskovits
Birth: Budapest, Dec. 22, 1914 (or 1916)
Father’s name: S____
Mother’s name: Gruu Emalia (?)
Occupation: Baker
Passport date: Budapest July 17, 1948

1929 Emigration to Argentina: Polish Documents—Certificate of good morals, sound mind, & ability to work
Name: Malka Drzewko, daughter of Gdala
From Sarnaki Poland
Papers from: Aug. 21, 1929
Port: Gdynia, via Cherbourg to Buenos Aires

1947 Letter from Palestine Police to Shahar Mehalel

Interestingly, I found earlier documents in my files about the Mehalel family (Shahar's siblings & parents) that were for sale a few years ago.  Their surname had been changed from Boguslavsky &  they were originally from Lithuania. 

British Army : 1946 WWII Soldier’s Discharge Documents: Yoab Zolotkovsky
Address: Tel-Adashim, Afula Palestine
Birth: Tel-Adashim, Afula Palestine
Occupation: Farmer
Discharge Date: Aug. 30, 1946

Chief Rabbinate of Jaffa & Tel Aviv: Birth Certificate—Israel Zaliouk

Birth: Odessa, Dec. 12, 1912
Mother: Rivka
Father: Nahum

1926 Certificate of Change of Name: Drabinsky
Former Name: David Drabinsky
New Name: David Soulami
Subject of: Poland
Former Name: Rivka Drabinsky
New Name: Rivka Soulami
Residence: Haifa
Date: Nov. 2, 1926

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