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Bolimow Jewish Community Article and Videos of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland


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According to this Polish language article, the earliest Jewish settlement in Bolimow was in the 1790’s---33 Jews resided in Bolimow in 1794, increasing to about 500 by 1858. At the end of the 19th C. Jews were granted permission to build a synagogue and a cemetery. These served the Jewish community of Bolimow as well as those from Nieborow and Kompina. Due to emigration and WWI, the Jewish population was reduced to approximately 235 people, just prior to WWII. The families included: Sztyferman, Jakubowicz, Rotstein, Rozner; the largest was headed by Abe Herman, with about 10 people. A 1827 street map of the Jewish quarter (between Pusta and Sokolowska Streets) from the Central Archive of Historical Records in Warsaw is available on this site.

 In 1925 businesses had been owned by:
 Berek Jakubowicz, Sholem Rotstein, Chaim Naiforda,, Gidali Sztyferman, Yankel Krajcer and Mendel Fiksa. A bakery was owned by Pinkus and Aron Poznan, and a slaughterhouse by Sholem Rotsztajna. Other business owners included Aron  Annel, Majer Man, Nusel Anzel, Abe Herman, Nusen Rozner, Luzer Mordka Man (tailor), Majlich Knopfmacher (gravestones), Ajzyk Pjxzer, Moszek and Kalman Frajlich.Crafsmen belonged to the Assoc. of Jewish Craftsmen in Lowicz.

A ghetto was established during WWII, (March 1942) by the Nazi, containing about 1500 people., locals as well as the displaced from Lodz, Strykowa, and Lowicz. The Judenrat (Jewish Council) president was Berka Mordka Man and its deputy was Zelaka Poznan. The Sanitary committee was composed of Josef Ber Yosef, Rivka and Golda Man, Cyril Herman, Malka Zambrowska, and Ita Rozner.

A short video of the Bolimow Jewish cemetery is available at: (posted Sept. 29, 2013) by Slawektopolewski.

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