Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hi All,

Here's a list from the 1916 Memorial Book of the Mogilev Province (author: I. I. Marchenko). The names, abbreviations, and spellings are as found in the publication.  I have left a blank,________, or a (?) when I couldn't read or was unsure of some of the information. These are individuals who may possibly be Jewish.

The Board of the Mogilev Society of Mutual Fire and Property Insurance:
Isaak Grieg. Shulman

Mogilev Mutual Credit Society Board:
Schmier/Shmera Zalm. Lurye/Lurie

Mogilev Branch of the Azov-Don Commercial Bank:
Moise Isaac. Blavshteyn (manager), Mark Moise Edlin (accountant)

Mogilev Branch of the Soedinennago (??) United Bank:
Samuil Boris Gurevich (manager??), Moio. Mark Lifshits (accountant), Bor. Ilich Boyarsksh

L. and C. Pzherlinga Trading House:
Lev Moise Shmerling (representative), Sim. Berk./Burke. Benenson, Yak. Zalm. Godin, Nota Ioyer Mirlin, Moise Ivrail. Khaytovich/Haytovich

First Credit Society:
Members: Yankel Movshch. Slutskin, M.L. Gurevich

Second Credit Society:
Yakov Nikol. Yurevich (chairman)

Board of Savings and Loan Association/Thrift Savings and Loan:
Dovvd Boris Levitin (chairman); Members—Grig. Boris Zhislin, Le Lvov Lerelyian, Zakhar/Zahar Solom. Kagan,  Isaak Samuil  Rabinovich; Candidates—Moipey (?) Lvov Litvin, Dovid Isaak Gushscher, Lev Osip Tsinman

Jewish____________________Society Gmilus Hosodim Board:

Gershon Yserov Blenksh (chairman); Members—Mend. Lonshin, Sholom Berezkin, Leyba Itsk. Ratner, Mord. Mordukh Kagan, Aroa Yazr. Nmchin, Yev. Berk. Drabkin, V.I. / In. I. Emdin (secretary), Arvik Kozin (treasurer)