Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kharkov Jewish Community

From the article, “Kharkov (Jewish Community” from “Blackberry”

The following names and information were included in an article about the Karkov Jewish community:

1866-- there were 775 registered Jewish residents
1887—there were 1,207 Jewish families
1893—67 families of Jewish artisans were expelled (bread and carpentry shops): L. Rosenbaum (maintained the bakeries)
1898 -tried to expel L. Schechter (chief engineer and head of the technical dept. of the “Russian Locomotive Society”)

L. Goldenberg, Getroytmanom-Members of a radical social movement—students
Israel Belkind—one of the foundr of the “Bilu”—Zionist group

Rubinstein, Rabinovich, Rosenzweig----banking,
Soifer brothers—trading houses,
Volkenshtein—contacts with major textile & engineering firms,
 GZ Dunaevskii—merchant: grain purchasing for export by Louis Dreyfus & Co. firm.
A. Buras—engineer, created a sewage treatment system
M. Fabrikant—dentist, well-known for facial surgery
A. Hirschmann—ophthalmologist
J.S. Orsha—psychiatrist (converted to Christianity)
Ya (or J.) Bernstein-Cohen—Zionist leader, head of the Local Assistance Committee
P. Buras (1835-1914)—philanthropist, established a society to help poor Jews (OPBE)
Rabbi S. Epstein

Dr. B.C. Greydenberg—led the opening of the Kharkov branch of the Society for the Promotion of Enlightenment
M. Shliapnikov—published the proceedings of the first Zionist Congress
R. Kresin—published “Uganda”
E. Braunstein
A. Brudnyi and A. Levinson—heads of youth organization “Tze’irei Zion”
YG Gevirtsa—architect, won the national contest for the building of the Choral Synagogue

A.Fishzon, N.Lipavskii, a Segal—theater/troupes
R. Levin—head of Jewish kindergarten (in the OPE), EY Ianovskaia—male gymnasium
J.L. Wilensky, chairman—Elections in the Kharkov jewish community (1918)

Other names include:
W. Sofer (his son Yu Soifer), S. Blacksmith, ME Buknik (cellist), E. Loiter, Ada Sonts, B. Fradkin (Hebrew poet), E. Meletinsky (linguist)

I. Fisanovich (1914-1944—submarine captain, Hero of the Soviet Union, etc.), AE Spiller (Major General Veterinary), Mikhail Gurevich (Major General), ZM Pomerantcev (Major General), VA Zemlerub (Major General), Gz Glazunov (Major General)

L.a. Kaganovich, M. Khataevich, A. Schlichter (186-1940), Bernstein (mathematician (1880-1968), L. Landau (physicist), M.P. Trinkler (physician), L. Bulakhovsky (linguist, L. Gurevich (teacher—1894-?)
Architects: G.G. Wegman, M.D. Felger, S.M. Krawiec, J. Lichtenberg

Composers: I. Dunaevskii, Y. Meitus (1903-1997), D. Klebanov (1907-1987)
B. Wilner (Director of the Theater of Young Spectators)
MI Scheinin

     Locked in a synagogue ( "synagogue of Buras", Grazhdanskoy St.): A. Efros (mathematician, Doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences), Prof. I. Goldberg (musicologist), Prof. I.E. Bukinik (violinist), Olga Grigorovskaya (pianist), Rosalia Alidort (dancer), A.Z. Gurevich (Prof. of medicine)