Thursday, October 17, 2013

UK Jewish Cemeteries, Synagogue Records

An interesting blog from the UK, +Cemetery Scribes, offers headstone photographs and inscriptions, some Hebrew transliterations, records and registers, etc. The +Cemetery Scribes' home page can be found at: The blog is well-structured, offering a search box for searching its database (browsing by surname or place), links to photos and narratives, etc. The sections are divided into: Cemeteries, Headstones, Individuals & Families.

On the" Headstones by Cemetery"page,, I found the section, "Medieval Cemeteries" quite interesting-- there were even a cemeteries with the unusual names, "Jewbury Jewish Cemetery" and "Jews Garden, Cripplegate".
The page is divided into sections/topics: England, UK, Scotland, UK, Wales, UK, Northern Ireland, UK, Channel Islands, Holocaust & War Memorials, Medieval Cemeteries, Non UK (including Australia, Belgium, Asia, Denmark, Eastern Europe, South Africa, USA,  Morroco, Guyana, Jamaica, etc.), and No Cemetery.

The +Cemetery Scribes Statistics page ( has facts such as the earliest birth (1650), average lifespan (55+ yrs.), longest lived (104 yrs.--10 individuals who were 100 yrs. or older), etc.

The sister blog site to +Cemetery Scribes is  +SynagogueScribes Jewish Genealogy,  It describes itself and as a one-stop shop to, "...a unique and fully searchable database of London Ashkenazi Synagogue records, with the emphasis on pre UK civil registration, which began on 1st July 1837." The information is organized into two databases: Synagogue Records and Secular Records.

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