Sunday, May 20, 2018


Bessarabian Provincial Gazette
(Collected by Natalia Sinyavskaya)

1902 (11/6)—4 p.m. Found on the sidewalk, a Jewish 16 year old girl, Manya Geyzer, was found unconscious, apparently poisoned by carbolic acid. An empty carbolic acid bottle labeled Perelmuter was found near her. She was sent to the hospital in Chisinau, where she died 15 minutes later. The deceased had gone to the Perelmuter drugstore & requested carbolic acid that she stated was needed by her mother’s midwife. She was warned to give it directly to the midwife. It was unknown why she committed suicide.

1903 (1/24) The Chisinau-based assistance to poor Jews fulfilled a long-held dream of providing local orphans with their own orphanage. The property was acquired for 1500 R. It had 4 tithes of land & two houses.

1903 (5/30) Shabsa Livshits, owner of a small grocery store in the suburbs of the town of Boyukanakh (Boyukany), won a ticket for the 3rd noble loan for 75,000 R. under unusual circumstances. Mr. Livshits had two tickets, which were in the
Belotserkovsky bank office. Livshits went to the bank office, demanding his tickets. But the office, which transferred all the securities to the state bank for safekeeping, was able to only give him one ticket---#14870-31 (which was accidentally left in the office), because the other was being kept in the state bank. The office issued Livshits another ticket, #12341-36. After receiving these tickets, Mr. Livshits went to London, leaving his family in Chisinau. His wife went to the bank office and found out that the ticket #1231-36, issued to Mr. Livshits in exchange for his own, won 75,000 R. Mr. Belotserkovsky expressed his readiness to issue the money immediately upon presentation of the ticket. Mrs. Livshits immediately sent a telegram to her husband with a request to send her the ticket in order to receive the winning amount.

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