Monday, February 3, 2014

1887 Rostov-On-Don: Doctors

Information is based on information from the Russian language publication by MA Gontmakher, “Jews on the Don: Land. History. Facts. Biography” (2005).

p. 57-58

1887--Advertisements in local newspapers included ads of many Jews:

Doctor of Medicine, ML Kogan. Obstetrics, Gynecology

Dentist IE Rabinovich

Obstetrics, women's and children's diseases, BI Nemirovsky

Doctor Shklyaver, skin and venereal disease

AJ Kantorovich, ear, nose and throat

Pharmacist M. Finegold, owner, pharmacy, chemical-bacteriological laboratory

Ehrman, dentist

Women’s doctor Revich-Sabsovich

Woman doctor, midwife-- Babel Buchstab-MA

City ospoprivivatelnitsa (??) PI Zhitomir

Dr. SG Mandelstam gynecology, internal medicine

Childhood illnesses, Dr. Brill

I. Gerbsman, skin

Sexually transmitted diseases, venereologist, Volpyansky

Doctor of Medicine, AI Greenfeld

Dermatology, Venereology  Doctor YM Margolis

Baby and lung disease, GM Mereynes

Dentist Revich Elizarovna Anna

Surgery, Akusherstvo

Eye diseases, KL Kunahovich

p. 59

D.I.Ostrovsky, internal and childhood diseases

I. Ya. Dubrov, Neurologist

Ear, nose and throat, Doctor Medicine, AI Leventon

Massage therapist at the Jewish Hospital, S. Trumpeldor

 Neurologist, psychiatrist, GM Gurfinkel 

Veterinarian, GV Trumpeldor