Wednesday, June 4, 2014


A List of Polish Military and Civilian Settlers/Colonists/Osadniks (“Osadniks”---a term used in the USSR for veterans of the Polish army & civilians who were given or sold state land in the Kresy (presently western Belarus

& western Ukraine) territory ceded to Poland by the Polish-Soviet Riga Peace Treaty (1921)Wikipedia).

The alphabetized list (A-C) list of names is from a Polish site which lists the Names, Army rank( ?), Voivodships, Districts, Municipalities, Settlements, etc. and contains both Jews and Non-Jews.

A Few examples are:

Abramowicz Burczak Seweryn--Volyn, Kostopol, Kostopol Pieczalowka
Apenceller Julian--Volyn, Kovel,Poworsk, Kozlenicz

Bakowski Leon—Nowogrod, Slonim, Bytyn, Derazne
Baruch Wladyslaw—Poleskie, Kosow Poleski, _____, Sienkiewicze
Bialucki Leon—Poleskie, Kosow Poleski, _____, _____
Bogacz Samuel—Nowogrod, Lida, ____, ____