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1818-1880 Medical-Surgical Academy of Vilnius

1818-1880, “ The State of Medical Science: Medical-Surgical Academy of Vilnius” (was the University of Vilnius) (published 1888)


First Course:

2. Free Listeners (Auditors??)--
“Free Listeners”: those who passed high school exams, were not yet admitted to  university or medical school, but had permission to attend open lectures, use laboratories, libraries,  take exams, etc., free of charge, as non-registrants. Could attain registered student status the following academic year. (Wikipedia--łuchacz)
Bokiewicz Leon, Eysmont Julian, Grofe Adolf, Izyeki Felks, Rogowski Zygmunt, Simon Arnold, Szmygir Zygmunt, Sznyrstein Julian

Second Course:
1.“Wychowancy skarbowi” ???—teachers???
Aframowicz Wincenty, Deiczman Ludwik, Sutkowski Leon

2. Free Listeners—
Hassmann Wiktor, Korn Jewsiej, Natanson Ludwik

Third Course

1.“Wychowancy skarbowi” ???—teachers???--
Grunwald Edward

List of doctors who took science classes at the University of Vilnius (1805-1831):
(The year the medical degree was obtained is next to the names.)

Ablamowicz Jozef 1825
Berends Adolf 1826
Berkmann Leyzor 1819

(Names & dates of completion of coursework)

Dawidowicz Izaak 1822
Deiffinger Maksym 1821
Danilow Eliasz 1841 (p. 743, i. 745). Did military service, in the 1886 census is listed as in active service.

Goldenthal Beniamin 1822
Gross Ludwik 1826
Grunberg Salomon 1833
Grunwald Filip 1817

Hartman Jozef 1822
Hellman Jozef 1827
Heltzl Jozef 1819

Ilnicki Eliasz 1812

Jursza Jakob 1831

Kirschbaum Eleazar 1823
Kuszelewski Samuel 1811
Kuszelewski Samuel 1819

Langheim Ludwik 1831
Levi Filip 1815
Lewinski Jozef 1829
Lewinski Michal 1829

Meizner Samuel 1821
Mosovius Maurycy Adolf 1819

Nahumowicz Jan 1823
Nahumowicz Izydor 1825
Nahumowicz Leon 1823

Pininski Jozef 1827
Przyalgowski Gedeon 1819
Przysiezniewski Jakob 1825

Radziwillowicz Jakob 1825
Radziwillowicz Jakob Filip 1826
Rosenblum Bernard 1826

Silberstein Tadeusz 1819
Sperling Hersz 1821
Szymkaylo Daniel 1821
Trachtenberg Jozef 1818

Unicki Leon 1810

Wizemberg Jozef 1829
Wolfsohn Wolf 1827

Zylinski Leon 1827

Jordan Josef 1842. In 1866 as a retiree, served as Collegiate Counsellor.

Kolb Jozef 1836 –he had some judicial duties in governmental service. In the census of 1886 he was a veterinarian in Ziemstie.
Kontowtt Samuel 1837—worked for the state, listed as retired in 1886

Zessel Jakob 1838

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