Thursday, January 30, 2014

STATE ARCHIVES OF GRODNO: List of Names from Archival Documents

STATE ARCHIVES OF GRODNO: List of Names from Archival Documents
(from the Jewish Heritage Society)

Fund 1029 - Commission of Inquiry and the establishment of the atrocities the Nazi invaders and record the damage caused by the Grodno region Grodno Documents on the History of the Jews: for 1943 - 1947, 1969, 1970.documents Language: Russian Abstract: The collection contains: information about the material damage caused by the German invaders and their assistants in the Grodno region, lists of citizens who died at the front, and the partisans murdered by the Nazis in the temporarily occupied territory of the region. Fund 1105 - Partisan Brigade and units operating in the territory Vasilishki, Radunskogo, Schuchinskiy Skidelsky and districts in 1941 - 1944 years. (Named after Lenin Komsomol them. VIChapaev they. Frunze them. Stalin, they. SMBudenny) Documents on the History of the Jews: for 1941 - 1944. Language documents: Russian Abstract: The collection contains: lists and lists of award guerrillas. Fund 1163 - Svislochskiy District Council of People's Deputies, Grodno region, etc. Svislach Documents on the History of the Jews: for the 1944 documents Language: Russian Abstract: The collection contains : The act of the Soviet commission on export Germans of the Jewish population of Svislochi in an unknown direction; lists tortured and executed Svislotch district residents.”

Glossary of Relevant Personal Names Found in Documents”:

Victor Alter
Bunimovich Tobias/Bunimowicz Tobiasz
Weissman Dora/Wajsman
Weissman Leon/Wajsman Leon
Vasser Gil Mayer/Wasser Chil Majer
Grunbaum Itsek Isaac/Icek Izaak
Butler Moyzhesh/Dworecki Mojzesz
Zysman David/Dawid
Levy Joseph/Lewi Jozef
Levin, Levin Aron/Lewin, Lewin Aron
Margolis Yudel/Judel
Reiss Anselm/Anzelm
Ruza Jozef/Ruzski Jozef
Stempel C. Faivel/Stempel Fejwel
Farbshteyn Shyya Gesell/Farbstejn Szja Hesel

Schwartz Saul/Szwarc Saul