Friday, January 17, 2014


The information is from the Russian language calendar book, "All Ekaterinoslav 1913". The link that I had used to gather the information is broken, unfortunately:

I did, however make a partial list of Jews or possible Jews that I will share with you ( The list also had included street names).

Abramovich A.
 Abramovich  A.
Abramovich A
Abramovich  A
Abramovich V.
Mr. Abramovich ,
Abramovich SD,
Abramovich M.
Abramovich S.
Abrams/Abramov N.

Abramchuk R.,  
Abramson R.
Averbuh JuR'EVSKIJj . 51.
Avruch Troitsk .
Auerbach I.
Eisenberg H.
Aizenberg ,
Aizenberg ,
Eisenstadt , S.,
Ayngorn J.,
Anzhelson L
Anzhelson M.,
Asterman A.
Alter G.
Alter, R.
Balin E.
Balin F.
Balin A.
Balin H.
Baskin H.
Berman, P.
Birlin E.
Blayman M.
Bloch S.
Bloch B.
Bloch A.
Boruhman L.
Bragin M.
Bragin M.
Brener N.
Breyger I.
Brill J.
Brovin I.
Brody A.
Brodsky I.
Belkin PS

Belkin N.

(to be continued)