Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Judaica Sound Archives


For Your Listening Pleasure:

The Judaica Sound Archives (JSA) at Florida Atlantic University Libraries, in Boca Raton, Fl, provides a wonderful collection of digitized recordings from vintage sound recordings.

Did you enjoy the humor of George Jessel? Well, listen to the “20th Century Yiddish Humor” https://rsa.fau.edu/album/41481

Like some of the silly songs of the past? Then, listen to “That Pickle in the Window” or "Wild Corsets” https://rsa.fau.edu/album/4192

Is your heritage Romanian?—listen to “A Bauer in Feld—Roumanish Lied (A poyer in feld)”; “Doina un Sirba” (notes in Yiddish & Romanian)—recorded in 1918 https://rsa.fau.edu/album/703 and “ Aaron Lebedeff Sings Rumania, Rumania & Other Yiddish Theatre Favorites”  

Is Yiddish theater your “thing”?—enjoy “90 Minutes of the Finest Jewish Entertainment”. https://rsa.fau.edu/album/38650 or  “A Chasene in Shtetl-Oysgefirt durkh Di 4 Burshteyns” https://rsa.fau.edu/album/43948  album information is at: https://rsa.fau.edu/mm/assets/albums/48/481fb78ac94b3a667b810299f1fc9e71.pdf

In summary there is something for anyone and everyone:
 “100+ Years of Zionism”
,” 20 Famous Chassidic Melodies”,
 “50 Children’s Songs”,
 “9 Cantorial Selections”, “A Chanukah Adventure”,
“A Gris Fun Neuer Russland”
“A Happening in Central Park” (Barbra Streisand)
“A Letter to Marc Chagall”
“ A Khazendl Oyf Shabbos and Other Yiddish Folk Songs”
“A Memorial to The Victims of War”
“A Synagogue Service in the Warsaw Ghetto”
“A Taste of Paradise” (Klezmer)
“A Telephone Call From Kosygin to Nasser” 
....and much more!!

From Molly Picon to Al Jolson to Eddie Cantor—“and the beat goes on…”—explore the site, page after page, of terrific recordings, and ENJOY!!