Monday, February 16, 2015


"THE VIRTUAL SHTETL": Places of Martyrology

The site is in Polish. Use an online translator, such as Google, if necessary.

About the Project:

The second box (down) is a video about “Virtual Shtetl” in Belarus–Grodno, Minsk, Wolpa, Wolkowysk, Porozowo, Izabelin, Slonim, Smorgon, Traby, Nowogrodek, Swislocz, etc.

The fourth is “Virtual Shtetl Discovers Belarus”

Across the top:

City  (Miasta): Alphabetical listings of places

Places of Martyrology (Miejsca Martyrologii): Alphabetical listings of place names (1,890 villages)

            Ex. Slonim 

Slonim ghetto, place of execution & mass graves,
Hospital St. Mikhailovsky, place of execution (7/29/1942 Nazis executed about 40 Jews),
Piereulok Gorsziennyj, place of execution,
Jewish cemetery,
Czepielewskie field,
 Pervomayskaya St.
Monastery pp. Immaculate Conception St. Pervomaysky—place to hide Jewish children, 
Uroczysko Morgi, place of execution

People (Ludzie):  An alphabetical selection of people. Click on a name for some biographical information.

Map (Mapa):
Across the top—Cities, Objects, Articles, Photos, Judaica in museums 

Dictionary ( Slownik):

Gallery (Galeria): Photos   (93,658 photos)