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WWI: 1915 REQUESTS TO LIVE in Petrograd (# 1)
("Little-Known Jewish Documents During WWI" Anatoly Chayesh)

The Russian article, written by Anatoly Chayesh, based its information on archival documents found in the Reich Security Main Office (Russian State Historical Archive:   F. 1284 ("Dept. of General Affairs Ministry of Internal Affairs"), inv 224, Entitled, "On. the resolution of Jewish Refugees Living in Petrograd ".

"... In 1915 dog Hundreds of Thousands of Jews were Deported by the Military Authorities ... or fled   alone. Although Jews, ... did not have the legal right to live in the capital, some of the refugees arrived in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) in the hope of getting shelter and material support from relatives living in the city, acquaintances or business. "The Refugees Could petition the Minister of Internal Affairs, who would file the petition.

Mazel Yankel Leibovich
Volunteer 7 th Reg of Finland, Vilna tradesman. Request to live in S / P & special income. Uncle Baron (Kiev Merchant), sister, wife of mining engineer ML Leviticus
Reyngevirst Beniyamin Yakovlevich
Vol. Reg 30th of Poltava, living in Warsaw, Request to live in S / P
Kahn Mikhail Davidovich
Lifeguards Reg. Of Volyn. Had lived in Warsaw. Brother lives in Pet., Barrister Ilya Davidovich Kahn
Klinov Markus Moiseyevich
Vol. 99 th Reg. Ivangorod. Dismissed. Fr military due to injury. Worked as technician in the School of the Imperial Russian Technical Society Workshop. Requested residency until end of war
Weizmann Israel Geynahovich
Corp. of 18 th Inf. Reg. Of Vologda. Native of Shavel Cty., Kovno Prov. In S / P He was a clerk for the Board of the mining Theological Society
Fridshteyn Victor Sigismundovich
Barrister. Khana Fridshteyn, mother, widowed, 63yrs old in 1915, living in Lodz.
Goldberg IOSEL Abramovich Usherovich
Merchant, Vaukavysk Suwalki. Residence Lodz where he had his bsns.
Khorol Nekhama Leybovna
Widow of a dentist. When returning from Germany via Stockholm, her husband died (in Stockholm). Lived in S / P with son, Simcha Khorol (a Conservatory student) for 3 yrs.
Rosenthal Shlema Mendelevich
Specialist. Parents Mendel Movshovich & Gitl Shimelevna Rosenthal. Both from. 70 yrs., Residents of Suwalki, temporarily moved to Vilna. Their sons: Michael, living in Germany; Elias, living in Baku (working on oil office)
Hauchman / Gaukhman Rasya Peysahovna
Lepel Petty Bourgeois / Burghers. Lived in S / P for 10 yrs.Taught at Frebelevskom; teacher in private Jewish female gymn., SM Gurevich, in Vilna
Eisenberg LM
Barrister. Worked for MJ Brown & Co. in Riga
Rapoport Haim Zalmanov
Chashniki tradesman
Borkun Sholom-Leyb Hylelev
Dentist accountant
Gurevich Yenukhim Zalmanov
Lepel tradesman
Gilerson Yankel-Mendel Zalmanov
Lepel tradesman, bookeeper
Rosenfeld Abraham Movshevich
Lepel tradesman, bookkeeper. Riga.
Jacobson Moses Aronovich
Student of Riga Polytechnic Inst. Born in Liepaja.
Levenson Moisey Davidovich
b. Riga student,
Mejeroich David Abramovich
Meyerowitz Israel Abramovich
Prikhozhan Nakhman Vulfovich
Raikin Israel Berkovich
Rheinberg Ludwig Aronovich
Fuchs Israel Zalman
Student (Riga?). Native of Libava / Liepaja / Liepaja
Fridlender Mendel Simonovich
Natalia Yakovleva Friedman
Shavelsky Burgher, worked at a Siauliai Riga branch of a commercial bank and moved to Riga where what Evacuated to Drissa & then S / P. Family member = Naftalya Markovich Friedman, a member of the State Duma
Rievid Icik-Hierz Yankelevich
Libava tradesman. Had wife & 7 children, 4 of Whom were enrolled in Libava State Schools: Adolf - 5 gr in Libava Nikolaev grammar;. Pink gr. 8, Libava Girls' School; Sophia-gr 4 (same school); Anna-gr. 3 (same school). Worked for M. Rabinowitz & Co. in Libava.
Weinberg Nosena Hershkowitz

Bayer Feig Ioselevna
Kovno Burgher
Shechtman Eugenia
Father a hereditary honorary citizen, native of Grodno, sister lived in S / P
Mark Mirkiny Genya-Rohel & Riva-Rejzel Shimelevny
Midwives. Left Bialystok, sister what Leya-Beylya Shimelevna Mark Mirkina. Had a brother.
Rod David Izrael Ruvelioich
Tradesman. Worked in the office of   estates owned by heirs of Countess Zubova AP called "Shavelsky Economy". Left Siauliai.
Leybman Mordkh Leibowitz
Assistant attorney. Wanted to reside with Mykhle Akselrod until end of war.
Psik subscription Isaac Haimovich
Livengofsky tradesman, Vitebsk Prov. Sister's daughter, Reyza Elyashovna Gershovna Segal, 20 yrs., From Kvetka Novoaleksandrovsk County, Kovno Prov. She had a brother who what wounded in WWI.
Wolf (nee Bernicia) Henrietta Isaakovna
Wife of Vilkomirsk tradesman, Kovno Prov. Brother, Hirsch Isaakovich Bernicia, 70 yrs., Lived in Brezine Piotrkov Prov. Most of his life & what Assigned to Gazenpotu, Kurland.
Solskaya Khaya Iosifovna
Burgher, Janov Kovno. Mother Evacuated to Vilna. Dwejra Brinman, a cousin in S / P
Mintz Abram Shimshelevich
Tradesman,   Lyakhovichi Minsk Prov. From Pinsk. Brother, a dentist, Anselm Shimshelevich, lived in S / P. Daughter, Lyuba, 18 yrs.
Khidekel Leyba Getselevich
Tradesman, Sharkovschizna, Vilna Prov. Cousin, Khava-Feyga Ovseyevna Super, from Ludza / Lucyna (?).
Kofan sea Bentsiyanovich
Chemists assistant. Found an orphan girl, Frida Shliomovna-Yudelevan Plungyan,  14 yrs., Child of Dvina burghers.
Flit A.
Ladies Committee of Jewish Orphans House, S / P, Vasilevsky Iceland.
Sara Leah Katsovich, 7 yrs.-mother died, father at war.

Leybe Lipmanovich Dunsky, 10 yrs., No mother, father at war.

S. Baron Gunzburg
G. Sliozberg
Signed a memo to the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Bichunsky Mordukh Meerov-Abramov, Sventsiany tradesman

Meyer Haim Faivish Mariinsky, Tomsk Prov. Tradesman
Potrukh Shimkha Leibov, Vilkomirsky Tradesman

Seygel Symha Itskov, Tulchinsky Tradesman

Tager Marcus Faivish, Rezhitsky, Vitebsk Prov. Tradesman

Judelson Feyve Vulfovich, Vindava Tradesman

List of names --- Also includes dates, case & sheet numbers (archival)
Small Girsh Benyaminovich
Vindava tradesman. Wife, Doris Shokhorovny, 3 sons, two at war: Mordukh & Issac. 3 rd son in S / P
Rappoport Shlioma Aronov
b. 10.15.1863 Lepel Dist., Vitebsk. Tradesman.
Had lived in Pochep, Chernigov Prov., Paris, and Vilnius. Suspected Revolutionary with ties to the federal government.
Wrote under pseudonym S. An-sky, wrote of ethnography of Jews, officer of Imperial Russian Geographical Society.