Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1906 Bialystok Pogrom: Snapshots of News Reports


Moscow Chronicle (phone)
“Bialystok, June 1. During the procession unidentified persons fired several shots, was the signal for the appearance of disorder. Several shops smashed, there are dead and wounded. The central streets occupied by troops. You can hear gunfire. Extra arrived Grodno governor.”

     Russkoye Slovo (June 3)

“The pogrom in Bialystok
WARSAW, 2, VI. Arriving from Bialystok convey the horrific details of the pogrom. Smashed and looted more than 200 shops and private residences; completely destroyed whole streets. There are tens of murdered Jews. <...> 
It encourages a lot of Jewish refugees from Bialystok;
 kind of awful; Bialystok stories about the horrors of shocking to the core. 
According to them, the purpose of the pogrom, organized by the police by means of the Black Hundreds, was the whole bloody revenge Belostoksky Jewry for political assassination a few revolutionaries in the ranks of the local police.”

PARIS, 2 (15), VI. Among Russian colony received private telegraphic news from Bialystok, which states that the pogrom was organized beforehand and is only the beginning of a grand epic of the Black Hundreds.

Russkoye Slovo (June 4)

“The pogrom in Bialystok

Grodno, 2, VI of. (Officially). Yesterday in Bialystok peasants defeated the main street of Linden; goods exterminated without robbery.Across the city shooting: Jews are shooting out of the windows, and soldiers fire back. The peasants are fighting with sticks. Troops cordoned off the city and barred from his peasant village. Cavalry has arrived accelerates thugs. The wounded many. The number of dead is comparatively large.
Grodno, 2, VI. In Bialystok, according to the latest reports, none of the clergy of the Orthodox and Catholic confession was hurt and trampled children were not. On June 2 at 12:00. day resumed shooting - many killed. At the station, the mob beat Jewish passengers; were six killed. <...>

Echoes of the pogrom

PETERSBURG, 2, VI. Interior Minister introduced martial law in Bialystok. He sent a member of the Council of Ministers. There also is rumored to have sent two regiments of infantry and a hundred Cossacks.”

            Novoye Vremya


Bialystok, June 5. Today, I am burying 72 dead Jews. Funeral quiet due to fear of new misfortunes. At night, more shots were heard.Residents continue to leave the city masses.”

            Russkoye Slovo (June 6)

The pogrom in Bialystok

BERLIN, 4 (17), VI. The local newspaper published a letter sent on the eve of the Bialystok pogrom. It turns out that a pogrom waiting for the entire population and the authorities, as the governor is definitely threatened pogrom Jewish delegation. Murder of Police Degtyareva entire population attributed to anti-Semite-provocateur bailiff. <...>

            Russkoye Slovo (June 8)

“The foreign press about the Bialystok pogrom

Białystok pogrom aroused unanimous outburst of indignation in the entire European press. Even the most moderate and loyal bureaucracy bodies can not hide his deep indignation. <...>”