Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1906 Bialystok Pogrom: An Article

Additional information, in Russian, can be found in an article written by Alexander Tsyrlin, " Truth and Lie About the Pogrom in Bialystok in 1906".
Part 1

Part 2

Much of the information is based on data from the author, Vladimir Vladimirov, and his book of essays. He is the writer quoted in my blog which can be found at: ("1906 Bialystok Pogrom Victims").
Vladimirov was a journalist who "...conducted his own investigation of all events immediately on the heels of recording the testimony of eyewitnesses and survivors of the pogrom, photographing wounded, maimed, killed by the bullets of the soldiers and beaten to death by bandits." Vladimir wanted a trial because "...he obtained the agreement of witnesses to speak in court and hope[d] during the trial to prove the criminal nature of the actions of the troops and deliberate falsehood reports..."

The article offers additional circumstances surrounding attacks on Jews and examples of them during the pogrom, as well as the course of action taken by the government.