Wednesday, December 25, 2013

1932-1933 Mykolayiv (Nikolayev) Region State Archives


Records refer to this timeframe as the “Holocaust”, otherwise known as the Famine Genocide or Holodomor, in Soviet Ukraine. During this period about 25% of the rural Ukrainians perished as a direct result of the Soviet Union artificially creating a famine by exporting almost 2 million ton of grain to Western markets.

There was “…deliberate destruction of  actual birth and death records, as well as the fabrication of false information to cover up information regarding the causes and scale of death in Ukraine. Similar falsifications of official records were widespread.” (  The data included in this blog indicates a variety of causes of death---tuberculosis, “myocarditis”, senility, paralysis, bladder infection, nephritis, “cardiosclerosis”, etc., but non indicate starvation.

The original archival records reflect the following format. For the purpose of the blog, however, I am only including the names of some of the individuals who died, and their month/year of death. These records may have been ones that had been falsified.

1. Name of the State Archives .
2. Serial number of the item (№ 1 if the registry included only one document from the case, and number 1 , № 2 .... if several documents relating to the famine of 1932 - 1933, one of the cases included in the registry).

3. Number of stock.
4. Name of the Fund, its general chronological limits.
5. Number of cases (total / tangential topics and annotation ).
6. Room description.
7. The name of the case that anotuyetsya  (??).
8. The chronological scope of the case .
9. The name of the document.
10. Date of the document.
11. A brief summary of the document ( if necessary, if the content of his name not disclosed ).
12. Conditions of access .
13. Conditions .
14. Reference apparatus .
15. Citations .
16. Author descriptive article.
17. Date of the description.

From the Mykolayiv Region State Archives:

Polischuk Khasi Efimovna (2/32)

Kleynderman Sarah-Riva Itskivny (2/32)

Baranyskina Alter Froimovycha (2/32)

Kucher Rose Shlomivny (2/32)

Yankelevich Itshok - Yankel Morduhovich (2/32)

Sander Levin Mihelevycha (2/32)

Scheninoyi Ryvy Moiseevna (2/32)

Zamanskoyi Lyubovi Moiseevna (2/32)

Shpire Khai - Perel Moiseevna (2/32)

Germans/Hermans Gregory Moiseyevich (2/1932)

Kruchynoyi Shlymy Zakharivny (2/1932)

Kokizova David Markovich (2/1932)

Sehalovoyi Fanny Grigorievna (3/1932)

Sapozhnikov Chaim Morduhovich (3/1932)

Berkovich Mark Aaronovich (C/1932)

Myasbtj Tsypy-Sosi Leyzerivny (3/1932)

Bender Srul Mordkovycha (3/1932)

Lohnenko Paraska Moiseevna (3/1932)