Saturday, December 28, 2013

1919 Kharkov: Album

1919--Kharkov: Volunteer Army Album

author: Glavkom_NN

This album covers 12/25/1919-12/1919, during which time the Volunteer Army was in Kharkov and before the white troops left.

Photo #2—high ranking officers surrounded by citizens
Photo #3—after a parade
Photo #4—Funeral service at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (in memory of victims of white soldiers and victims of terror in the city.
Photo #5—General Kutepov on Cathedral Square (June/July, 1919)
Photo#6—Volunteer Cavalry Army, Ekaterinoslavskaya St. (Poltava Way)—6/1919
Photo #7—the wounded in the hospital
Photo #9—in the present ara of the Rebellion, in 1919—urban barraks
Photo #10—One of the tanks of the 1st Tank Detachment VSYUR “For a United Russia”

Other photos, etc.

Other photos, etc.