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“Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies”, Vol. III
(Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer”)

From Russian State Historical Archives
Fund 1284 “The Department of Common Affairs MVD(?) (or MIA??), Case14, Delo 1
1906-1913 “On the Resolution of the Jews to Live in St. Petersburg with Parents, Children, Relatives, and Guardians”

Each case consists of sets of petitions on the same topic: permitting Jews to move from elsewhere to St. Petersburg at a time when Jews did not have the right to reside there. The petitions are organized chronologically in each case file. They contain names education, place in society ( ex. merchant, guild, etc.) place of registration, addresses, kinships, ages, family composition, etc.

Some individuals used as examples of petitioners:
2/18/1908 Israel Joseph Magidova/Magid, retired corporal of 67th Tarutino Infantry Regiment, Mstsislauye tradesman, and Beynis Joseph Magidova, living in St. Petersburg,5th Rothe (?) Izmailov Regiment.

Family lived in St. Petersburg 50+ years.
Grandfather, Zalman Magid moved in the 1850’s. He was a goldsmith who had been a member of the Petersburg craft council. He taught his son (born in St. P., Iosel Zalmanovich Magidova, the craft.

Iosel had four children—three sons (Solomon {16—youngest brother}, Israel, Beynis) & one daughter ( Pasha-Mina—18).
Mother died three years earlier and father, Iosel, died 15 years earlier.

Pasha-Mina—studied corsetry  but, unable to find a job, was forced to leave St. P., since she didn’t have the right to live outside the Pale of Settlement. Petition was to request the right of Pash-Mina to return to St. P. and live with her brothers. (D. 238, p. 79)

Other names/petitions:
8/14/1908 Noty Aronovich Valenshteyna (73 yrs. old)—Her daughter, Bella (38, was divorced from Israel (?) Rubyazheva, who was treated in Alexander hospital) {D. 239, p. 294} Divorced 4/22.
--Had four sons; one daughter (three live in St. P. (10/8/1908 #9138)
--Bella Rubyazheva had three children: 12, 10, & 1 month (D 239, p. 296)

10/11/1906Alexander Yakovlevich Gurlyand, sister Zhozefine/Josephina Yakovlevna Gurlyand, brothers: Ilya, Michael (student at Novorossiysk Univ.) Brothers are Orthodox, sister is Jewish. (D. 105, p. 28)

3/20/1907 Yelena/Helen Osipovna Glyass, widow (residence Vilna),
deceased daughter Dr. Daria Lyudvikovny Zhirmunskaya (nee Glyass),
granddaughters—Catherine Mironovna Zhirmunskaya & Maloletov (?). Catherine attended Vilna Women’s Institute ( D. 163, . 188)

1913 Isaak Brodsky, artist—underage sister Raisa Brody (attended Petersburg Conservatory---left due to hand problems), daughter of a merchant of the 2nd guild, from Nogaisk Tav (?)

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The following is information based on findings in the Russian publication,“Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies”, Vol. III

(Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer”)

Russian State Historical Archives
Fund 1284 “The Department of Common Affairs MVD(?) (or MIA??), Case 14, Delo 1
1906-1913 “On the Resolution of the Jews to Live in St. Petersburg with Parents, Children, Relatives, and Guardians”

Each case consists of sets of petitions on the same topic: permitting Jews to move from elsewhere to St. Petersburg at a time when Jews did not have the right to reside there. The petitions are organized chronologically in each case file. They contain names, education, place in society ( ex. merchant, guild, etc.), place of registration, addresses, kinships, ages, family composition, etc.

Some individuals used as examples of petitioners:

Shai Shliomovicha Yalutover, Rivne 1st Guild merchant, family of 4,  (petitioned 10/17, 1906), residence: Lakhtinskaya Street, St. Petersburg

Ivana Grigorevicha Gersun, Director of the Revel ________and Mechanics Institute, Technology Engineer, #42 Zagorodnomu, two sisters, Nehama-Rivka & Hai-Fejge Sekunda born 8/16/1889 & 4/25/1893.

8/16/1908 Yuliya Markovicha Blyumberg, doctor, Tverskaya St.
Requested permission for her elderly mother, Emma Bloomberg/Blumberg, to live with her for three months in St. Petersburg, in order for her to obtain treatment for eye disease by a specialist.

1/28/1908 Geselya Berkovicha Freynk, pharmacist, living in the Foundry area, 32/34 Kirochnaya St., Requested permission for her widowed mother, Sheyna Meyerovna Freynk, to live with her. The mother was living in Plungyanah Kovno province, Telshevsk, age 60+.
Family consisted of five sons and two daughters. Two sons & one daughter lived in St. P.; other (daughter??) lived in U.S. (D. 238, p. 49)

10/28/1906 S. Banda, a student of the Empress Catherine II Mining Institute, residing on Vasilevsky Island.
Petitioned for his younger brother, Zelman Banda, age 15 ( a former Vilainsk Commercial School student) to live with him as he had transferred to the Tutorsky Commercial School in St. Petersburg. His parents lived in Minsk at 10 Skobelevskaya St., his father, Movsha Shmaeva (56) traveled constantly, and his mother (Risa Berkov, (45) was ill, often seeking treatment in Russia or abroad. In 1905 she had been treated at Tartu University.
Brother: Shimel, Sisters:Khai, Mani, Ida, Sony, & Bertha/Berty
Family owned two homes; were quite wealthy
Minsk governor ref. 11/22/1906 #5799 (regarding the petition of S. Banda)

11/6/1906 Mikhail Shiperovich, student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, residing at 29 Rusovskaya. Father died 10/4 & had been the head of the treasury of Kiev Jewish schools. He also served for 28 years in the Ministry of Education.
Requested permission for the mother Rachel Shiperovich/Shipero (42), brothers Alexander (20), Vladimir (13), and sister Ernestine (8) be allowed to move to St. Petersburg.
Older siblings, Leonid (25), lived in Kiev; Michael (22) lived in St. P. (Kiev governor, ref. 3/27/1907 #1230 "regarding the Shipero petition)

8/7/1908 Feyge Veniaminovna Levinson nee Rumanova, apothecary assistant, and her brother, assistant juror, Arcady Veniaminovich Rumanova 
Requested permission for their widowed mother, Gode Moiseyevna Rumanovoy, to move to St. Petersburg.

10/24/1906  Doby Khatskelevna Ayzenberg/Eisenberg
Requested permission for her mother, Blyuma Shmuylovna Ayzenberg (58) living in Kiev to move to her home in St. Petersburg, where she lived with her two brothers. Her mother was widowed without means of support, living with her sister, Chaya Ayzenberg.  (case 105, p. 83)

        12/ 15/1906, (#10658, "regarding petition of Ayzenberg") Brothers: Samuel (28), Beniamin (22)--a university student
       Blyuma's Daughter: Chaya Dvoira (23), Son: Isaac  (D. 105, p. 86)

6/16/1907 Fanny Borisovna Shalyt/Shalit, midwife. Worked in Sestroretsk ____Hospital, promoted to St. Petersburg. 
Requested permission for her mother, BeylaMordukhova Shalyt, 63 y/o widow, to live in St. Petersburg with her. (D. 163, p. 344)



August 5, 1925 The Brooklyn Eagle

Please see the publication for additional information regarding ages and addresses.

Petition for Divorce, Public Notice:
Thomas A. Richter & Rose V. Richter (Supreme Court, Kings County)

Marriages Licenses:
Louis Kurzweil & Ida Loebelson
Harry Orenzon & Freda cohen
Sigmund Proyles & Rosalyn Fendrich
Julius/Jules Cogan & Rose hamerstein
Nathan Spolansky & Yetta Korinsky
Philip Heilbrun & Eva Bender
Samuel Weinreb & Minnie Bang__a
Julius Zasloff & Anna Rosenfeld
David Silverglate & Sadie Rubin
Morris Rhuback & Florence Autumn
Andrew Beck & Bertha Storch
Joseh Strauss & Beatrice Schneider
Jacob Tropel & Frieda Eskin
Samuel Zund & Sarah Shapiro
Elias Silverman & Toba Kilman
Hyman Berger & Rose Newman
George Needleman & Edna Newlander
Aaron Pollsar/Pollar (?) & Anna Wyaskofsky
Mathia Ciellia & Sussie Bailey
Asriol Rosenian & Lena Kosovsky
Joseph Porter & Ethel Phillips
Alex Cantor & Tillie Henzeloff
Jacob Smith & Regina Charny
Abraham Jeffe & Adell Rosen
Isidor Lampert & Eva Zachar
Herman Hashagen & Irene Bushman
Wilbert Schumacker & Renee Nidich
Henry Yaeger & Barbara Potis

August Bauer & Cecelia Metcalf

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1911-1914: KIEV RABBINATE: BIRTHS (#2)

Information is from the Russian website "My Website":
The information listed on this blog is only a partial list.

Fund 1164 Kiev Rabbinate, Kiev

Fund 1164, Opis 1, Delo 494 Inventory 
Synagogue Metric book, Kiev births.
 9ob. January 10, entry 8 and 15 (Tev. 21 and 28) Makarov tradesman Kiev province and county, Yankel Їos Morduch Shabashkevich, mother Brucha Mordkovna, a son, David 
 75ob. Vasilkovsky tradesman Kiev province, Brodsky 
 316ob. Attorney Brodsky 
section 2
 367ob. 52, February 1 record (CHF 16) Pinsky tradesman Morduch Їoselev Waxman/Vaksman, mother Meyta, daughter, Brayna. Ref.17/IV 51g. 
 384ob. Vasilkovsky tradesman, Brodsky 
 387ob. Record 77, February 22, March 1 (Adora 7 and 14) Makarov artisan district of Kiev, Boruch Froim Shabashkevich-Vaysbarg, mother Tema-Gitlya, a son, Abraham 
 432ob. Romensky,Poltava province, tradesman Brodsky.

Fund 1164 Opis 1 Delo 498 Inventory 
Synagogue Metric book Kiev birth.

 47ob. Bourgeois Volyn province of Zhitomir district m. Pyatki Brodsky 
 66ob. Hereditary honorary citizen, agronomist with the right to the rank of class X, Brodsky 
 176ob. Fastovsky tradesman, Brodsky 
 256ob. Record 279, October 1 and 8 (Heshv. 3 and 10) Kiev local 2nd guild, merchant Samson Vayntrob Markovic, mother Gitlya, son, Marcus 
 300ob. Fastovsky tradesman Brodsky 
 325ob. Record 300, 26 December (Tev. 29) Tripolsky tradesman Kiev province and county Hershko Srul Vayntrob, mother Brukha Khaninovna, daughter Dvosya 
2 plot
 631ob. Record 465, November 29, December 6 (Tev. 2 and 9) Makarovsky artisan district of Kiev, Boruch Froim Shabashkevich-Vaysburg, mother-Tema Gitlya, son Moses/Moisey.

Fund 1164 Opus 1 Delo 501 Inventory 
Synagogue Metric book, Kiev births.

2 section

 138ob. Record 246, May 29, June 5 (Siv. 6 Siv. 13) volunteer Kievskago Kommercheskago (commercial?) Institute of Shklovskis merchant, Movshevchi Hirsch ("Hirsch Movshevich" crossed out - FV) Gregory Moyseevich (new word - FV) Segal, mother Neha (Nadya), son David. 
Append: Made correction on the basis of rel.
 mountains (???). Registrar for the city of Riga from 27/X-51g № 23/9-2063. Fixed name and patronymic father "Hirsch Movshevich" to "Gregory Moiseevich", see the case number 1 p. 428 6.XII.51g. Signature, Seal 
 146ob. Record 181, 11 June (19 Siv.)  Tripolsky, Kiev province, merchant, Ios Srul Vaintrob, mother Sarah-Leya, daughter Mirіam 
 263ob. Record 454, November 2 and 9 (Hesh. 15 and 22) Pinsk tradesman, Minsk province, Morduch Iosel Waxman/Vaksman, mother Meyta, a son, Israel 
 323ob. record January 14 16 and 23 (CHF 21 and 28), Makarov tradesman Kiev province and county,-Yankel Їos Morduch Shabashkevich mother Mordkovna Brucha, a son, Ilya 
 546ob. Fastovsky tradesman, Brodsky 

Fund 1164 Opus 1 Delo 505 Inventory, 

Synagogue Metric book Kiev births. 1914.

L. 37ob. Fastovsky tradesman, Brodsky 

L. 130ob. Tarashchansky tradesman, Brodsky 
L. 133ob. Vasilkovsky tradesman, Brodsky 
L. 255ob. Fastovsky tradesman, Brodsky 
L. 412ob. The farm colony Rykunov, Dymerskoy parish, Kiev province, Brodsky 
L. 413ob. Vasilkovsky tradesman Kiev province, Brodsky 
L. 416ob.Record 199 June 1 (Siv. 20) Turovsky,Minsk province, tradesman Zalman Abramov Melman, mother Tsivya (?) {sic}, a daughter, Esther. Ref. 10/IX 26g., AB. № 115 11 / I 38g. 
L. 548ob. Record 436, November 13 and 20 (Kisl. 8 and 15) Bogodukhov, Kharkov province, merchant Aron-Chaim Volfovich/Wolfowitz Waxman, mother Feige/Feyga, a son, David. Appended ("in" ??) pencil: 25/IV 25g., AB.vіd 4/II 32g. № 84.


A Portuguese documentary video, "Aquellas Mujeres..." ("Those Women...") directed by Matilde Teles and Verena Kael, is available at: It is about white Jewish slaves, known as "The Polish Women" or "Poland", who were transported to the Americas by pimps ("kaftens") in the late 19th C. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil they created a mutual aid society, a synagogue, and a Jewish cemetery, Cementerio Israelita de Inhauma, thus maintaining a link to Judaism despite their way of life.

A very rough translation of the film: The young women, very poor and usually with no future, arrived from Poland, Austria, and Russia. Women were trafficked through an organization known as Zvi Migdal. They were told that the clientele might be "treif" but the money would be "kosher". Many were young women who were enticed into prostitution with the false promises of marriage when, in reality, they were forced into prostitution.

Because they were not permitted to be buried in existing Jewish cemeteries, the prostitutes raised money to purchase land and to construct what was to become a well-known cemetery, Inhauma. There are several views of the cemetery at the beginning and end of the documentary.

Eventually, they built their own synagogue on Calle Afonso Cavaicanti in Rio. The seats were of beautiful Jacaranda wood with name plates. Some were inscribed with their birth (or Hebrew??) names; others with their "professional" ones. It has since been demolished.

In 1906 they created a mutual aid society (Benevolent, Funeral and Jewish Religious Association). The Jewish prostitutes formed the first Chevra Kadisha, which was the first Jewish society in Rio.

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Anti-Semitism and the Ukraine: A Documentary Film

"Nazi/Skinheads: The Holocaust by Bullets and Modern Antisemitism" in Ukraine---a full length documentary by Daniel Reynolds Riveiro, investigates the part antisemitism played during the Holocaust and as well as its role in Ukraine today.

The video, in 17 parts plus the trailer, is both riveting and upsetting: listening to the views of modern day skinheads; seeing the result of antisemitic incidents, including the vandalizing of synagogues and cemeteries, such as occurred in the Odessa and Zhytomir, listening to Vasylovitch Yarmenko, spout hate. According to the video, Yarmenko is an administrator of "MAUP" (Interegional Academy of Personnel Management), reportedly an antisemitic university,  the largest private university in Ukraine, with 50,000 students. A document, "Execution in Zhitomir", shows the extreme calculation by the Nazis in their planning the murder of the Jewish population. A schematic diagram was drawn up  in order to calculate how many individuals could fit into a ditch, based on its length, width, and height.

Please see the film for further information.


There are 63 photos available for viewing on a Russian language site at: (posted by Aleks Megen, 8/3/2010).)

Pre-War Eastern Europe: Jewish Life--A Video

After prayers at the synagogue, children singing the Hatikvah, old spinning and weaving by hand, booksellers, dancing---JOY!
"Jewish Life in Pre-War Eastern Europe", posted by Daniel Reynolds

Ukraine: Pre-War Jewish Life-- A Video

Interesting views of every day people smoking, making music, marketing, carrying chickens and geese under there arms possibly hurrying home to cook them for the Sabbath....
Can anyone explain what the elderly gentleman (Who was he?? A famous rabbi???) was saying to the crowd?? (Something about Shabbos--) Was this the wedding of someone well known??

"Historical Footage of Prewar Jewish Life in Ukraine"

posted by Daniel Reynolds.  

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 Information is from the Russian website "My Website":
The information listed on this blog is only a partial list.

Fund 1164 Kiev Rabbinate, Kiev 

Fund a 1164 Case 476 Inventory 
Metric book synagogue in Kiev's birth.

L. 174ob. Record 234 on April 25 (Iro 13) Berdichevsky artisan-Gershon Meir Alter Vyntraub, mother Rachel Lvovna, a daughter, Malka Brayna. 
 287ob. Brodsky 
 290ob. Brodsky 
L. 6ob. Khan Alterovna nee Brody 
 174ob. Record 234 on April 25, (Iro 13) Berdichevsky artisan, Gershon-Meir Alterov Vyntraub, mother Rachel Lvovna, a daughter, Malka Brayna 
 309ob. Marіya Aleksandrovna, nee Brody 
 331ob. Vasilkovsky tradesman Brodsky 
 333ob. Record 425 August 16, Ignatovsky tradesman Boruch Israel Segal-Leibovitch, mother Leah, a daughter, Esther Taub 
 441 Record 524 October 31, Berdichevsky 2nd guild merchant's son, Aaron Haimovich Wiseman, mother Leah Srulevna, daughter Marіya 
 443ob. Staro Konstantinovsky tradesman, Shimon Leib Shlemovich Vaynbren 
 455ob. City of Volyn province, Ovruch, Shlіoma Movshovich Vaysband 
 498ob. Bourgeois Lutsk district, Volyn province M Kolki Hecht/Gekht.

Fund 1164 1 Case 478 Inventory 
Metric book synagogue in Kiev's birth.

 519ob. 257 record on December 3 (Tev. 11) artisan district of Volyn province Staro-Konstantinov, M. Bazalii Michael Meerovich Orel, the mother Inda, a daughter, Paulina.

Fund 1164 1 Case 482 Inventory 
Metric book synagogue in Kiev's birth.

 59ob. merchant grandson Brodsky 
 60ob. entry 61 22 feralya (Ador 3) Kiev first guild merchant's son Samson Markovic Vaintrob mother Gitl, daughter, Rozalіya. 
 236ob. Record 309 September 19 and 26 (Tigire 7 and 14), the foreman of a construction business, Solomon Sanelev Segal, mother Sarah Leybovna, a son, Alexander 
2 plot
 330ob. Fastovsky tradesman Brodsky 
 387ob. Record 101 April 5 (Nis. 17), Berdichevsky artisan Gershon-Meir Alter Weintraub, the mother Rachel, daughter Mirіam 
 392ob. Record 108 April 14 (Nis. 26), Berdichevsky tradesman, Duvid Іosevich Waxman, mother Charna/Czarna, a daughter, Brayna. 
 395ob. Record 114 April 16 (28 Nees.) philistine Makarov Yankel Froim Shabashkevich mother Hava/Hawa Feige, a daughter Marіya. 25/V-51g. 
 471ob. Record 213, 2 July (Tam. 16) Onikshtynsky tradesman Shayl Gershenovchi Segal, mother Gindi, daughter, Matlya-Khana.

Fund 1164 1 Case 486 Inventory 
Metric book synagogue in Kiev's birth.

 2ob. Assistant Apothecary Brodsky 
 11ob. Brodsky, graduate of Law at the University of St. Vladimir  
 87ob. Chervonyansky tradesman Brodsky 
 393ob. entry 77 18 February (10 Adora) Pinsky tradesman, Morduch Іoselev Waxman/Vaksman, mother Meyta, a daughter, Bela 
 398ob. Lelchitsky tradesman Itsko Shmuilov-Girshev Shabashovich 
 493ob. Assistant Apothecary Brodsky 
 499ob. Fastovsky tradesman Brodsky, Brodsky Vasilkovsky tradesman 
 540ob. Record 347 July 31, August 7 (Av 26 Elul 3) Makarovsky tradesman Yankel Froimov Shabashkevich, mother Hava Feig, a son, Lazarus 
 626ob. Pyatkovsky tradesman Volyn province. Brodsky

Fund 1164 1 Case 489 Inventory 
Metric book synagogue in Kiev's birth.
 26ob. Record 32 January 30, February 6 (Ador 3 and 10) Odessa tradesman Samuil Abramov-Gershov Segal, mother Blyuma, a son, Ilya 
 124ob. Vasilkovsky tradesman, Brodsky 
 183ob. Record 205 August 26 (Elul. 4), Tripolsky tradesman Duvid Srulyev Vayntrob mother Reyzya Meerovna, a daughter, Ita 
 470ob. Norinsky tradesman Meyer-Їos Fishelev Milman, mother Feiga, son, Lazarus.

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KIEV:Lukyanovsky/Lukyanivska Jewish Cemetery

According to this Russian language article, the cemetery was opened in 1894, and eventually thousands of Jews were buried in its grounds. No further burials were permitted as of 1937. Some graves were destroyed during the Nazi occupation, but further destruction was primarily done in the 1960's.

Photos are available of a few headstones as well as a pre-revolutionary map of the area.

According to the author:
#8 tombstone indicates that "Student Solomon Klimentievich Stackelberg, an innocent victim, who died from ruk (?) executioners, November 29, 1919", and remarks, "Probably Solomon died during the the time was dominated by the Kiev Volunteer Army...."

#16 was Chaim Iosifovich Gorodetsky

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From a Russian publication, "Migdal Times", #28 at:

Isaac RABINOVICH (first rabbi of Odessa), In 1809 was invited by community of Odessa. Buried in Odessa.

REUVEN of Zhitomir: Rabbi of Odessa in the 1820's. Taught in a new Jewish school which opened in 1826.

Shimon Aryeh SCHWABACHER (b. Oberdorf Germany, 1820) (photo avail.), official rabbi of Odessa in 1860. Graduated from the Univrsity of Tubingen in 1842. He had been a rabbi in Prague, Hamburg, Lemberg (Lviv). In 1888 he was forced to leave Odessa due to a new edict forbidding foreign nationals from being rabbis in Russia. He died in 1888.

Jonah Haimovich GURLYAND (b. 1843), attended St. Petersburg University, became Odessa rabbi in 1888, after Schwabacher was forced to leave.

Haim CZERNOWITZ--Rabbi of Odessa 1897-1911

David Shloymovich SLOUSHCH (b. 1852, Odessa; educated in yeshivas in Minsk & Voloshyn)

S. PENG--Rabbi of Odessa early 20th C.

Joseph Shlemovich DIMENT (b. 1874 in Birzula/Kotovsk Odessa region--1953, arrested on charges of counterrevolutionary acts and sentenced to 10 years in labor camps, then released. (prison photo)

T. GOIKHMAN--1938 arrested on charges of counterrevolutionary act and executed. Rehabilitated in 1989.

FRIEDMANS/FRIDMANS: Aaron FRIEDMAN (lived on "Book" Lane), Zusya FRIEDMAN (lived on Myasoedovskaya)--arrested and shot in 1938; brother of Shulim, a Berdichev rabbi who had been executed in 1937, Yankel FRIEDMAN--died in 1941 in battle of Smolensk (photo)


From a recent reference publication by Lazar L. Field (aka Lazarus L. Polevoy) with the above title (unfortunately, the link is broken.)

A few of the Jews associated with:

Politics & Public Service--
AXELROD P.B. (1850-1928-Ukraine), BASSIN, M.V. (1890-1918), BELENKY/Hackelevich (1883-1942-Belarus), DIAMOND, D.W. (1879-1907--Ukraine), GOLOSHCHEKIN, F. (1876-1941-Belarus), MARGOLIN, A.D. (1877-1956-Kiev), SHEFTEL, M.I. (1858-1922)-Ukraine) ZIMMERMAN, J.E. (1820-?--Lawyer, first Jewish grad. of Kiev Univ.)

BARDACH, Y.U. (1857-1929, Odessa, Bacteriologist), HERZENSTEIN, Mikhail (1854-1894--Ukraine, Zoologist), ETTINGER/Oetinger, J. (A)G. (1872-1945, Belarus-Agronomist), OSTROGORSKY, M.Y. (1854-1921-Belarus, Jurist, historian, political scientist), GERCBERG-FRENKEL, I. (1827, Galicia ?, --Economist-scientist, writer, journalist)

BARATZ, G.M. (1835-1922, Volhynia), OCHS, M.-Ivan (1844-1891, Ukraine), SLIOZBERG, G.B. (1863-1937, Belarus), UTEVSKY, B.S. (1887-1970, Belarus)

Other names from various specialties and locations--

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This cemetery is for both Jews and non-Jews. The headstones are in typical Russian fashion with portraits of the deceased, some of which include not only headshots, but posed representations with backgrounds, as well. A few are of interesting shapes or are sculptures.
Individuals’ full names can be found by clicking on the link below the photographs. This will take you to an enlarged photo of the gravestone. If you are literate in Russian you will be able to read the patronymic middle names, which, for the most part, are not included on the main page of each photo. Not every photo has been labeled with a name.

Armenian Russian Jewish Graves (begins on p. 58 )

Cherny Zlotkevich

Jewish Graves: Ethnic Burials in Dombrabad Cemetery:

Map of Jewish Graves: (p. 62)

Seeg/Zet /Zee Alexander Michael1955-1990------There is another “Seeg/Zee” buried next to him, (probably his father, Michael) 1928-1979
(p. 63)

Fleyshmaher Semen—1922-1992 (p. 64)

Begelman Peter & Lisa—1928-2000 & 1905-1979 (p. 65)

Gurfinkel Isaac—1921-1991 (p. 66)

Vaynblatt Samuel—1926--? (p. 67)

Garmider Sheiva & Schmiel Y.—1909-1978 & 1905-1943 (p. 68)

Feldman Michael—1917-1996 (69)

Fleyshmaher Joseph B.—1927-1993
(p. 70)
Gurovits Gennady—19?7--? ( p. 71)

Gertsovich Milkis Shaya—1911-1979
(p. 73)

Zhebrak Ishmael—1934-2004-  (p. 75)

Ferdman Zino—1925-1985-  (p. 76)

Korop Leo—1912-1979-  (p. 77)

Grudskii Paul Partnov—1975-?-  (p. 78)

Nayshtut Meer—1915-1977- (p. 79)

Osheroff Rahmil & Abram, Reznikova Bayoumi Netrovna (??)--?- (p. 81) 

Pertsov David & Korf Oleg—1889-1967 & 1965-1998- (p. 82)

Sayusaranskin (?) Benya Abramowitz—1893-1973 (there are portraits of four men on the headstone, but only the one name and only one birth/death date.)- (p. 85)

Albus Aron & ___ ___  (wife?) –1902-1972; 1905-1967-  (p. 87)

Armenian Russian Jewish Graves begins at: ---graves are of mixed religions

This is a partial list of burials. Please see the site for additional information.