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The following is information based on findings in the Russian publication,“Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies”, Vol. III

(Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer”)

Russian State Historical Archives
Fund 1284 “The Department of Common Affairs MVD(?) (or MIA??), Case 14, Delo 1
1906-1913 “On the Resolution of the Jews to Live in St. Petersburg with Parents, Children, Relatives, and Guardians”

Each case consists of sets of petitions on the same topic: permitting Jews to move from elsewhere to St. Petersburg at a time when Jews did not have the right to reside there. The petitions are organized chronologically in each case file. They contain names, education, place in society ( ex. merchant, guild, etc.), place of registration, addresses, kinships, ages, family composition, etc.

Some individuals used as examples of petitioners:

Shai Shliomovicha Yalutover, Rivne 1st Guild merchant, family of 4,  (petitioned 10/17, 1906), residence: Lakhtinskaya Street, St. Petersburg

Ivana Grigorevicha Gersun, Director of the Revel ________and Mechanics Institute, Technology Engineer, #42 Zagorodnomu, two sisters, Nehama-Rivka & Hai-Fejge Sekunda born 8/16/1889 & 4/25/1893.

8/16/1908 Yuliya Markovicha Blyumberg, doctor, Tverskaya St.
Requested permission for her elderly mother, Emma Bloomberg/Blumberg, to live with her for three months in St. Petersburg, in order for her to obtain treatment for eye disease by a specialist.

1/28/1908 Geselya Berkovicha Freynk, pharmacist, living in the Foundry area, 32/34 Kirochnaya St., Requested permission for her widowed mother, Sheyna Meyerovna Freynk, to live with her. The mother was living in Plungyanah Kovno province, Telshevsk, age 60+.
Family consisted of five sons and two daughters. Two sons & one daughter lived in St. P.; other (daughter??) lived in U.S. (D. 238, p. 49)

10/28/1906 S. Banda, a student of the Empress Catherine II Mining Institute, residing on Vasilevsky Island.
Petitioned for his younger brother, Zelman Banda, age 15 ( a former Vilainsk Commercial School student) to live with him as he had transferred to the Tutorsky Commercial School in St. Petersburg. His parents lived in Minsk at 10 Skobelevskaya St., his father, Movsha Shmaeva (56) traveled constantly, and his mother (Risa Berkov, (45) was ill, often seeking treatment in Russia or abroad. In 1905 she had been treated at Tartu University.
Brother: Shimel, Sisters:Khai, Mani, Ida, Sony, & Bertha/Berty
Family owned two homes; were quite wealthy
Minsk governor ref. 11/22/1906 #5799 (regarding the petition of S. Banda)

11/6/1906 Mikhail Shiperovich, student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, residing at 29 Rusovskaya. Father died 10/4 & had been the head of the treasury of Kiev Jewish schools. He also served for 28 years in the Ministry of Education.
Requested permission for the mother Rachel Shiperovich/Shipero (42), brothers Alexander (20), Vladimir (13), and sister Ernestine (8) be allowed to move to St. Petersburg.
Older siblings, Leonid (25), lived in Kiev; Michael (22) lived in St. P. (Kiev governor, ref. 3/27/1907 #1230 "regarding the Shipero petition)

8/7/1908 Feyge Veniaminovna Levinson nee Rumanova, apothecary assistant, and her brother, assistant juror, Arcady Veniaminovich Rumanova 
Requested permission for their widowed mother, Gode Moiseyevna Rumanovoy, to move to St. Petersburg.

10/24/1906  Doby Khatskelevna Ayzenberg/Eisenberg
Requested permission for her mother, Blyuma Shmuylovna Ayzenberg (58) living in Kiev to move to her home in St. Petersburg, where she lived with her two brothers. Her mother was widowed without means of support, living with her sister, Chaya Ayzenberg.  (case 105, p. 83)

        12/ 15/1906, (#10658, "regarding petition of Ayzenberg") Brothers: Samuel (28), Beniamin (22)--a university student
       Blyuma's Daughter: Chaya Dvoira (23), Son: Isaac  (D. 105, p. 86)

6/16/1907 Fanny Borisovna Shalyt/Shalit, midwife. Worked in Sestroretsk ____Hospital, promoted to St. Petersburg. 
Requested permission for her mother, BeylaMordukhova Shalyt, 63 y/o widow, to live in St. Petersburg with her. (D. 163, p. 344)