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“Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies”, Vol. III
(Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer”)

From Russian State Historical Archives
Fund 1284 “The Department of Common Affairs MVD(?) (or MIA??), Case14, Delo 1
1906-1913 “On the Resolution of the Jews to Live in St. Petersburg with Parents, Children, Relatives, and Guardians”

Each case consists of sets of petitions on the same topic: permitting Jews to move from elsewhere to St. Petersburg at a time when Jews did not have the right to reside there. The petitions are organized chronologically in each case file. They contain names education, place in society ( ex. merchant, guild, etc.) place of registration, addresses, kinships, ages, family composition, etc.

Some individuals used as examples of petitioners:
2/18/1908 Israel Joseph Magidova/Magid, retired corporal of 67th Tarutino Infantry Regiment, Mstsislauye tradesman, and Beynis Joseph Magidova, living in St. Petersburg,5th Rothe (?) Izmailov Regiment.

Family lived in St. Petersburg 50+ years.
Grandfather, Zalman Magid moved in the 1850’s. He was a goldsmith who had been a member of the Petersburg craft council. He taught his son (born in St. P., Iosel Zalmanovich Magidova, the craft.

Iosel had four children—three sons (Solomon {16—youngest brother}, Israel, Beynis) & one daughter ( Pasha-Mina—18).
Mother died three years earlier and father, Iosel, died 15 years earlier.

Pasha-Mina—studied corsetry  but, unable to find a job, was forced to leave St. P., since she didn’t have the right to live outside the Pale of Settlement. Petition was to request the right of Pash-Mina to return to St. P. and live with her brothers. (D. 238, p. 79)

Other names/petitions:
8/14/1908 Noty Aronovich Valenshteyna (73 yrs. old)—Her daughter, Bella (38, was divorced from Israel (?) Rubyazheva, who was treated in Alexander hospital) {D. 239, p. 294} Divorced 4/22.
--Had four sons; one daughter (three live in St. P. (10/8/1908 #9138)
--Bella Rubyazheva had three children: 12, 10, & 1 month (D 239, p. 296)

10/11/1906Alexander Yakovlevich Gurlyand, sister Zhozefine/Josephina Yakovlevna Gurlyand, brothers: Ilya, Michael (student at Novorossiysk Univ.) Brothers are Orthodox, sister is Jewish. (D. 105, p. 28)

3/20/1907 Yelena/Helen Osipovna Glyass, widow (residence Vilna),
deceased daughter Dr. Daria Lyudvikovny Zhirmunskaya (nee Glyass),
granddaughters—Catherine Mironovna Zhirmunskaya & Maloletov (?). Catherine attended Vilna Women’s Institute ( D. 163, . 188)

1913 Isaak Brodsky, artist—underage sister Raisa Brody (attended Petersburg Conservatory---left due to hand problems), daughter of a merchant of the 2nd guild, from Nogaisk Tav (?)