Sunday, March 23, 2014

Anti-Semitism and the Ukraine: A Documentary Film

"Nazi/Skinheads: The Holocaust by Bullets and Modern Antisemitism" in Ukraine---a full length documentary by Daniel Reynolds Riveiro, investigates the part antisemitism played during the Holocaust and as well as its role in Ukraine today.

The video, in 17 parts plus the trailer, is both riveting and upsetting: listening to the views of modern day skinheads; seeing the result of antisemitic incidents, including the vandalizing of synagogues and cemeteries, such as occurred in the Odessa and Zhytomir, listening to Vasylovitch Yarmenko, spout hate. According to the video, Yarmenko is an administrator of "MAUP" (Interegional Academy of Personnel Management), reportedly an antisemitic university,  the largest private university in Ukraine, with 50,000 students. A document, "Execution in Zhitomir", shows the extreme calculation by the Nazis in their planning the murder of the Jewish population. A schematic diagram was drawn up  in order to calculate how many individuals could fit into a ditch, based on its length, width, and height.

Please see the film for further information.