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This cemetery is for both Jews and non-Jews. The headstones are in typical Russian fashion with portraits of the deceased, some of which include not only headshots, but posed representations with backgrounds, as well. A few are of interesting shapes or are sculptures.
Individuals’ full names can be found by clicking on the link below the photographs. This will take you to an enlarged photo of the gravestone. If you are literate in Russian you will be able to read the patronymic middle names, which, for the most part, are not included on the main page of each photo. Not every photo has been labeled with a name.

Armenian Russian Jewish Graves (begins on p. 58 )

Cherny Zlotkevich

Jewish Graves: Ethnic Burials in Dombrabad Cemetery:

Map of Jewish Graves: (p. 62)

Seeg/Zet /Zee Alexander Michael1955-1990------There is another “Seeg/Zee” buried next to him, (probably his father, Michael) 1928-1979
(p. 63)

Fleyshmaher Semen—1922-1992 (p. 64)

Begelman Peter & Lisa—1928-2000 & 1905-1979 (p. 65)

Gurfinkel Isaac—1921-1991 (p. 66)

Vaynblatt Samuel—1926--? (p. 67)

Garmider Sheiva & Schmiel Y.—1909-1978 & 1905-1943 (p. 68)

Feldman Michael—1917-1996 (69)

Fleyshmaher Joseph B.—1927-1993
(p. 70)
Gurovits Gennady—19?7--? ( p. 71)

Gertsovich Milkis Shaya—1911-1979
(p. 73)

Zhebrak Ishmael—1934-2004-  (p. 75)

Ferdman Zino—1925-1985-  (p. 76)

Korop Leo—1912-1979-  (p. 77)

Grudskii Paul Partnov—1975-?-  (p. 78)

Nayshtut Meer—1915-1977- (p. 79)

Osheroff Rahmil & Abram, Reznikova Bayoumi Netrovna (??)--?- (p. 81) 

Pertsov David & Korf Oleg—1889-1967 & 1965-1998- (p. 82)

Sayusaranskin (?) Benya Abramowitz—1893-1973 (there are portraits of four men on the headstone, but only the one name and only one birth/death date.)- (p. 85)

Albus Aron & ___ ___  (wife?) –1902-1972; 1905-1967-  (p. 87)

Armenian Russian Jewish Graves begins at: ---graves are of mixed religions

This is a partial list of burials. Please see the site for additional information.