Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rostov-On-Don: Video, Zmiyv

"The Zmievskaya Balka massacre was a forced march of 27,000Jews in Rostov, Russia, including women and children, as well as many Soviet citizens. On August 11-12, 1942, the victims were marched to a ravine at the edge of the city, and there they all were murdered. This year [in2012] some 500 Jews--many wearing armbands bearing the Star of David--marched on Rostov-on-Don to honor the memories of of the dead, accompanied by a police escort...Prior to the march...[Rabbi Lau, currently the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv] visited the burial place of Feodore Mikhailchenko, the Gentile man who took the little Jewish boy under his wing in the Buchenwald death camp, and saved his life." 

1.  Страдание памяти ("Memory of Suffering")   : A video about "...the tragedy of the Jews of Rostov in 1942 and the dramatic events in Zmiyv 70 years later....Rostov Holocaust 1942 & its denial in 2012" (in Russian)---You can figure it out even if you don't understand Russian! --very moving!

2. Killed in Zmiyv