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The information below is based on a French article written by Frederic Viey.


Ahitouf: Eugenie, Raphael, Solomon

Apel: Simon, Leon, Gisel/Giselle (b. 2/27/1934 in Saint-Quentin, deported 7/31/1943, Convoy #77), Joseph, Chaja, Jacob, Jules/Jerschmik (b. 10/10/1926 in Warsaw, deported 7/29/1942, Convoy #12), Simon

Aronowicz: Eva, Aron

Aorack/Avrach Jules

Brauer Jeanne

Benczkowski: Malka, Aron

Birenbaum Maurice

Blatt: Claire, Sarah, Szalma, Szakndla

Bick: Alter, Maurice

Mr. & Mrs. Cages

Chasanowitz: Basia

Cher Jacob

Ciesielski Jakob/Jankiel (b. 12/14/1937 in Lodz, nationality Polish, resident 11 Rue des Capuchins-Convoy #40, 11/3/1942)

Cioszniak: Charles, Lina, Jacob, Simon

Dugowson Frajga

Epstein Chaim

Feferman Henri

Frydmann Estera

Fuentes: Joseph, Fortunee

Gass: Jacques, Henri, Rosa

Gelduer family (4)

Gerbaez/Gerbacz Abraham

Glicenstein: Maurice/Moszer (b. 3/12/1880, Lodz, deported 11/3/1942), Marie

Goldberg: Marie, Lina, Maurice, Adele

Goldblum: Solomon, Simon, Jeek

Grunblatt: Annette, Maurice, Max, Pauline

Gutmacher Jean

Ignace Annette

Jackubowicz Felicie

Kane: Leon, Andre, Renee, Abraham, Golda, Helene, Leonia

Katz Rachel

Kibel Genia

Klein Gaston (b 2/1/1871, Paris. Secretary. Lived at 7 Place Saint-Germain in Ribemont. Arrested in Saint-Quentin 1/19/1944)

Lezinski Maurice & wife

Levy Andre

Lipman Saba (b. 12/22/1923, Lodz, Polish. Arrested in Saint-Quentin, Convoy #55, 6/23/1943. Unmarried, childless, unemployed, resident 14 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris)

Maestro David

Malmed: Charles, Ida, Madeleine, Chana, Joseph, Sroul/Srul

Margules Maurice

Markiewicz: Maurice, Leon,  & M., Jeannette (b. 10/21/1925, Paris, residing at 86 Rue Aristide Briand Tergnier, Convoy #48, 2/13/1943), Szalma (b. 5/15/1897, deported 8/5/1942, Convoy #15)

Matuszewick Chana (b. Hana Szedlecki, Polish), Herch

Moscinski Binjamin/Benjamin (b. 5/22/1907 in Breszsac, deported 7/17/1942, Convoy #6)
Moskowitz Armand

Ossja: Sarah, Elie

Pantofel Isidor (arrested in St.-Quentin, 1/19/1944, lived in Laon. "A certain number of Jews attended the Laon Synagogue of St.-Quentin")

Pik: Herman, Jacques, Pola (b. Pearl Margules, 7/15/1907 in Sierack Poland, Seamstress, Deported 8/3/1942, Convoy #2)

Padarenski: Aron (b. 5/1/1897 in Brest Litovsk, deported 7/29/1942, Convoy #12), Sarah (b. Sura Podaretzki 10/18/1912 in Radomsk, deported 7/29/1942, Convoy #12)

Rappoport/Rapoport: Helena  (age 31, Deported 7/20/1942, Convoy #12), Marcel (b. 8/17/1903 in Grodzec Poland. Deported 7/29/1942, Convoy #12)

Rotenberg/Rautenberg Herbert (b. 9/4/1900 in Pressich. Deported 3/7/1944, Convoy #69)

Rotblat: Adela, Leon, Lina

Saguez: Nissim, Marie

Schlamovitch/Schlamowich Regina (b. 5/28/1911 in Kalish, Poland. Deported 11/30/1942. Convoy #40, dated 11/3//1942)

Stechechelski Flle

Trauman Gitla

Weille/Weiller Marcel (b. 2/11/1894 in St.-Quentin. Deported 1/20/1944. Convoy #66)

Malamed: Sara, Sonia

Teboul Jules

Beker Henri (b. 6/19/1928 in Brussels), arrested in St.-Quentin, 1/8/1944, lived in Verneuil (Oise), student)

Beker Francois (b. 1/29/1924 in Grodzisk, Poland, Polish nationality. Arrested in St.-Quentin 1/8/1944. Lived in Verneuil [Oise]. Leather goods. Convoy #66 on 1/20/1944).

Drai Isaac (b. 3/16/1898 in Oran, Algeria, French Jew, arrested in St.-Quentin 1/19/1944. Lived in Paris.

“Every reason to believe that Henry & Francois Beker, and Drai came to St-Quentin to deliver false papers”

Died on the Field of Honor:
Dugowson Leon, Glicenstein Wolf, Jacubowick/Jackubowicz Maurice